Getting Interested With Bento Lunches

I know, I know, our school year is about to end and it’s too late for me to start bento lunch for my daughter, but that doesn’t stop me from trying to learn how to make them.  And definitely I would want to make them next school year.

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image not mine. credits to owner.

Bento boxes are originated in Japan, a Japanese cuisine.  It is said that the traditional bento box consists of rice, fish or meat, with pickled or cooked vegetables, usually in a box-shaped container.

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image not mine. credits to the owner.

I recently learned baking, and still learning, and now I wanted to put my creativity to another stage.  I want to put a new skill in my ‘Mommy Resume’.  Since the school year will end this week, I still have time to get tools for this new project and get inspirations.

Now, that I shared it here, the creations will be shared in my daughter’s blog, Little Zoie’s Steps, as the school start in June.

If you know where to get tools for bento boxes, I am all ears I would love to hear what you will have to share.  Thanks in advance!

Would You Like A Hair Makeover?

bona hair longThe last time I had my hair cut was more than one year ago.  I had cut it very short, next to bob cut, and it really took time to grow long again.  Hence, my hair now, just a few inches below my shoulder level.  Having this hair long for the summer is not a good choice, that’s why I’m thinking of having it cut again after a long time.  Actually, I planned on having a short hair two months ago, but due to busy days, I didn’t get to visit a hair cutter.

My daughter will have their last school event next week, moving up ceremony, and I am scheduling to visit a salon before that said date of the event.  It feels like I need a thorough maintenance if I’m keeping my hair long and I don’t have time for that.  For this summer season, I would like to try a bob cut and no more accessories needed with this kind of hair.  The issue that I’m looking forward of happening again is how my hair is taking a long time to grow back again.

Unlike before, I don’t want to wait for my hair to grow long again.  Thanks to science, I mean hair extensions, I can use any clip in hair extensions that would match the color, and hopefully, also the texture of my ha

18 inch Dark Brown(#2) Clip in Hair Extensions 120g

I think that having a short hair comes the benefit of it being versatile since we can use hair extensions in different kinds like: hair weave, tape hair or even the bonded types.  Or if you don’t prefer to cut it too short, but needed a little bit volume or a simple accessories to add texture to your crowning glory, hair extensions can also do that for you.

Now, I am considering of visiting my usual salon hair cutter this weekend and get that hair makeover before my daughter’s school event.


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