Adding Extra Fun in my Fudgy Brownies

I have tried a simple fudgy brownie recipe I found in the net and got to test it fudgy-ness last June, and now I have used the same brownie recipe but added fun into it.  I call this brownie recipe Fun Fudge Brownies, this yummy, fudgy brownies are topped with mini colorful marshmallows, white chocolate chips and drizzle with chocolate syrup.  

fun fudgy brownies

I wanted to try different varieties of brownies that’s why I came up with these.  Initially, my plan was to make rocky road brownies, but since the family is not fond of nuts in their chocolate goodies, and no nuts available in my kitchen, I thought of something else to put on top of my brownies.  Since mini marshmallows and white choco chips are already within my reach, I decided to use them instead.  The fun colors the miniature marshmallow brought made the fun look in these more-than-a-dozen brownies, hence the name Fun Fudge Brownies.  


**I’m afraid this recipe is not for sharing for I am using them for my home-baked business.  Thanks for understanding. **

Let’s Talk Busy

24clockThere’s a lot going on this past few months and it’s really hard keeping up my children’s diary because of this.  The household is getting busy now that the kids are all growing up.  Also, there goes my baking and other kitchen escapades, which has been blooming since I started last year. Now, I couldn’t ask for more, except more time in a day. It feels like 24 hours is not enough in all I wanted to finish in one day.

I have missed a lot of blog updates and now I’m trying to back post as many as I can in my kids web pages.  Matti’s blog is way way behind updates.  Aside from that, I have other freelance writing job and a couple of VA’s on the side.  Now, let’s talk busy.  Haha.

Honestly, this post may be short but this took 2 days to be written because of many interruptions then my thoughts will go in different directions so I don’t know if this post is making any sense.  

Anyway, got to still post this and hopefully I could post everything that I’ve been doing, especially in my kitchen because I have been keen in exploring the the messy but sweet world of baking.  



Reebok’s Unveils UFC Fight Shop

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links


Exciting news for all you MMA fans! Reebok recently unveiled their new Fight Shop. It’s a destination where fighters, and those who train like fighters, can find all the apparel they need.

In Reebok’s Fight Shop, you’ll be able to gear up for the main event and shop the official UFC Fight Kit worn by all UFC fighters on Fight Night. The line of apparel in the Fight Kit was developed by Reebok in collaboration with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters, for fighters.

The kit will debut for the first time in the Octagon at UFC® 189: MENDES vs. MCGREGOR onJuly 11.

In the Fight Shop, you’ll also find UFC Fan Gear, so you can show your support for your favorite fighter, and Reebok Combat, gear that is light and breathable, enabling you to train like a fighter.





Happy Blogging!

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