Traditional Business Attire or Smart Business Casual?

We all know that we need to dress up proper business attire when we come to office.  We might go for cheap women suits when we buy work attires but still, we make sure that we look professional enough in them.  We are pointing out the traditional business suits for women which are the collared polo blouses, pencil-cut skirts and blazers and coats.  Since fashion is ever evolving, it didn’t just end at the high street events, catwalks and galas, the business world didn’t get exempted from the invasion.

Here are some style of a traditional women suits for work.



From these traditional business attire, women can now create their own business suits in a different style.  They call it smart business casual.  Here are some dress ideas:


  • Shirts with collars
  • Modest neck lines
  • Tucked-in shirts and tops
  • Polo-style shirts
  • Casual slacks
  • Knee-length skirts (or longer)
  • Two-piece dresses
  • Hosiery
  • Shoes with heels not more than 2 inches.

I think I have to add another interesting clothing piece that some of us might think that it should not be considered, or appropriate, as a smart business casual attire.  Wearing a corset, as long as it is not an obvious corset, under a blazer or a coat can easily pass as a smart business casual.

Like this model’s boned corset, top it up with a blazer or a trench coat and it is good for smart business casual outfit.

Embroidery Plastic Boned Lace up Corset  

You might think that corsets are for inner wear but if you’re going to see it as a fashion in a different way you’ll see that corsets does have many uses and getting versatile with it by pairing with other business outfit pieces, it can pass as a smart business casual ready for work.

Sexy Court Sexy Euramerican Style Striped Women Corset

Interesting piece to be included in your mix and match smart business casual attire,  right?  You can check a whole corset gallery in this link –

Now, what would you like to wear going to work traditional business or smart business casual attire?

Okra Costume Making (Part 1)

I am saying part 1 on this blog entry, because I haven’t finished sewing the costume.  I have only finished creating patterns for the garment and the petticoat.  I will yet sew it tomorrow at my in-law’s house.

Now, here’s the story.

Nutrition Month is a school event and is celebrated during the month of July.  Last year, Little Zoie’s school only celebrated it by cooking healthy foods every Friday for the whole month of July.  Now, that their school is getting bigger, they are going to celebrate Nutrition Month in one day with the whole school (Preschool and Elementary) along with the parents.  It is going to be a whole day school event.

Initially, the schedule of the Nutrition Month celebration was on the 25th, but it was moved to Aug 1 because of time problem.  They have already informed the us, the parents last week about the re-scheduling and that the kids will wear any vegetable or fruit costume for their little parade.  This added ‘costume concern’ worried me because I don’t have any idea where to find one and I don’t know how much it will cost.  I am on a tight budget now and in the coming months.

When I learned about the costume, I first thought to make a costume for Little Zoie than buy her a new one since she’s only going to use it once.  But due to time constraints and I thought it will be hard to make a vegetable costume, I asked some mommies where they buy theirs and how much was it.  They said they bought their costume at the market and it costs Php 280.00.  I think that price is too much for a one-time use, and to think that in the coming weeks I will still buy another costume for another school event, the Linggo ng Wika.

Yesterday, I asked around the market, trying to haggle the price of the costume, but they won’t agree with my price.  I tried asking how much will a 1 yard garment will cost because I was already thinking of sewing the costume myself.  I’m thinking of making an okra costume since it will only need one color of a garment, and it doesn’t seem too hard to do.  So, I asked the sales lady all the prices of the materials I needed to make an okra costume.  In totality, it will only take a Php 130.00, I will have a Php 150.00 if I’ll just make the costume myself.  This morning, I came back and buy the garment, the petticoat and a thread needed for the costume.  And this afternoon, I have already trimmed the garment using the pattern I cut.  I still need to sew the sides, along with the petticoat.  It will take a long time if I will do it by hand, so tomorrow we will go to my MIL and I will use her sewing machine to sew everything and finish it altogether.

okra costume01-02


okra costume01-01

Does the pattern looks like an okra?  I hope so. Lols.

When I’m done, I’ll post the part 2 of this Okra costume making entry.  ^_^

And maybe when I’m finished, I’ll try to make a head dress that looks like a top of an okra vegetable.  What do you, think?


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