Busy Learning to Bake

Last month we bought a gas range with 3-burner stove and an oven, and lots of baking supplies, and since then I never stopped baking!  And I am most definitely enjoying the learning and creating stage.  And to show you I am definitely having fun, here’s my FB album link to all my baking adventures. ^_^


This has been a great creative output for me and hopefully this will be a great skill to be honed and can be used to earn an income as well.  Crossing fingers on that.  But in totality, I’m really enjoying every step of the way.  Here’s a an infographic, great tips, I like share to everyone who loves to bake, just like me!

Here are some #cupcake #baking #tips!

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French Toast by Hubby

This has been a really late post but I still want to post it here because hubby’s cooking something in the kitchen and it rarely happens. Just like the saying ‘once in a blue moon’… ^_^

So, what did he cooked in our small kitchen? He’s been craving for a french toast that time, so as soon as he had the available ingredients: bread (with raisins), milk, butter, and eggs, he forgot the cinnamon powder, he went ahead and find the easiest ‘how to make a french toast’ direction he could find. I’m afraid I did not checked out that page he copied this recipe. ;)

Since this doesn’t happen too many times, I just let him be in the kitchen. I took some pictures of course, but I am more excited on the output of his little kitchen experiment.  Lols!


french toast01

french toast02


Surprised as I am, his first french toast is really yummy! I had to ask more slices of bread cause it tasted really good.


french toast03



If he cooks like this a lot, I wouldn’t mind giving him the kitchen once a week, or twice a month, so I can have a little break in cooking.  I’ll let him be the chef once in a while.

Those toasts looks yummy, right? ^_^

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