What is Your Bridesmaid Dress Fashion?

Strapless Natural A-Line Zipper 2014 Bridesmaid Dresses

Dressing up is what girls love to do, we are talking both kids and kids at heart.  We will love dressing up more especially when we are wearing princess-like gowns which are mostly designed for elegant bridesmaid dresses designs.

Bridesmaid dresses can be as elegant as the bride’s dress but in a different way.  Of course, no one can take the spot light from the bride, right?  I know, because I made sure of that on my wedding day.

Anyway, bridesmaid and prom dresses are designed with a delicate eye in fashion to showcase each girl’s dream of wearing a beautiful and elegant, classy and stylish gown even for a night.  Dreamy, right?

If you are going to a friend’s wedding and you are going to be one of the bridesmaids, will you suggest a design for your bridesmaids’ dress or just get a design from the couture’s catalogs of gowns?  Will you take some design inputs from http://www.okdress.co.uk/ site and combine it with your sense of fashion?  How will you work it?

If you were to ask me, I will consider design inputs from experienced designers and add a touch of my own design to show my own sense of fashion for bridesmaid dresses.



Monthly Goals Update: Few Done. New List Now

This is an improvement.  I think.

Here are the list of monthly goals I have set for the previous month, March.

  1. Have the pictures of the family, printed.
  2. Buy an oven and learn to bake.
  3. Save 1,000 this month.  -
  4. Update baby Matti’s blog until October 2013.
  5. Plan & organize Matti’s 1st birthday party.  Find venue & catering services and party supplies (hats, balloons, game prizes, and loot bags).

And here are the items that I have accomplished in last month’s list.

  1. Family pictures printed.  It might not be a lot but at least I have printed a few (yeah, tell that to yourself! LOLS!).
  2. Did not saved 1,000 but I saved 500.
  3. Found the right party package (from Jollibee) for my baby Matti’s 1st birthday.  Paid 45% for the downpayment.  Sent out invites already.  Mother-in-law picked some items for the loot bags, and on Tuesday, me and hubby (Matti tagging along) will pick up the rest of the goodies for the loot bags, and not forgetting the costume we want the two kids to wear on the birthday party.


I think I did fairly well in accomplishing some of my goals.  At least, there are progress if not completion, right?  Hahaha, I’m just giving myself a pat on the back.

Anyway, for this month, I will be changing or removing one thing on the list.  That will be the buying of oven & learn baking.  The reason?  We need to prepare, and pay, for my youngest son’s birthday.  And aside from that, there are other expenses lined up.  Though Little Zoie just finished her school year 2013-2014, I wanted to make sure that I have extra money for her school needs.

Now, for this month’s monthly goals, in list form.

  1. Prepare and finish up Matti’s first birthday.
  2. More family pictures printed.  Buy Matti’s first baby album.  Yup, I’m very guilty, I haven’t bought one yet. :-(
  3. Save 2,000 for Little’s Zoie’s school related expenses.  Actually, I have put aside 1,500 already.
  4. Continue updating Matti’s blog.

So, that’s about it.  I don’t want to make a long list if I can’t accomplish one or two of them.

Again, a pat on the back for the progress!  ^_^

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