Their Early Halloween Treats

These past couple of days have been busy days for my two kiddos.  Yesterday was the first part of their Halloween event they had attended, and it was held in my daughter’s school so the little one just tagged along.
This was the first Halloween school event my daughter, Zoie, attended to and this is Matti’s first. The little boy looks like he is one of the students because of no preliminaries needed for him to be acquainted to the environment. He was having fun with her sister and her classmates. (More details at Little Zoie’s blog.)

halloween treat01

The second one was early this morning, at my sister’s-in-law office in Sucat, Paranaque. It was really an early morning event as she advised so my mother-in-law literally dragged us out of bed just to be on time. So, my little boy was so grumpy to even leave the bed but the big girl was so excited to go, good thing we are not commuting.

The 2nd party included a magic show for kids aside from the usual Halloween trick-or-treat, so the big girl enjoyed everything in the party.  She also had fun getting all the candies being given to them.

halloween treat02


Here are the accumulate candies they got from the 2 Halloween parties, both Zoie’s and Matti’s Halloween buckets.

halloween treat



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Listing Down Gift Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and everyone are now starting to create a list of what are they going to buy as their Christmas gifts for their family and friends. I know because that is what I’m doing since October began.

If you can see my Christmas-buying list right now, you’ll notice that everything that I wanted to buy for presents are all useful.  If its not for personal use, at least useful for home.  One of my gift ideas includes sets of bed sheets, kitchen wares, home decors, clothing and personal accessories.

I have decided to include bedding sets in my gift-giving list because I found Tidebuy cheap bedding sets online sale, a perfect bargain for this holiday shopping spree.  We can find those great bargain sale in this link —   Below are a couple of elegant selections.


Stunning Silver Jacquard Lily Blossom Drill 4 Piece Comforters Bedding Sets
This is a great gift idea for couples who loves satin.  A great fit for any king and queen size beds.  From $395.00 to Tidebuy’s sale price of $138.99.


For a couple who loves to keep their bed in dark hues, I would think of getting this grunge grey color bedding set, made of cotton, with wavy and circle patterns from Tidebuy.  From $309.00 to Tidebuy’s sale price of $134.99.

These are just a few gift ideas to give this Christmas holiday.  You can check out and find lots of gift ideas to give not only this Christmas but for any occasion.

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