The Right Shoes That Goes with Your Outfit

Naturally, most women have their entire closet full of shoes. Ladies collect as many shoes as they want and didn’t even bother if they can use every single pair of it. If you’re just starting out to be a shoe lover, then this might help you fill your shoe rack with proper shoes which you can try on with your dresses. You can look on in at some boutiques. However, if you have a busy schedule, you can browse anytime on the internet and look for online shops. At Modabridal, there are many shoes to choose. From flats to heels, sandals to boots, just inquire for the available sizes. Try these tips to help you get started.

  • First, try to consider the color of some dresses you have. Just because you are wearing a blue dress, you’ll also have to wear blue shoes. Try not to wear one color from top to bottom. For instance, you have a light pink top – you can try wearing red colored shoes. Consider different shades. Avoid colors that contend with your clothes.

Shiny Round-Neck Sequin Allover Flat Heel Boat Shoes Sheffield

Choosing Your Perfect Formal Dress

Are you invited out to a party or a family event tagged as a formal social gathering which calls for glamorous evening dresses to wear in these kind of occasions?  I supposed you’re thinking that you are not ready attending these kinds of events, especially if don’t you have any long evening dresses to wear?

Well, join the club.  I don’t really own any formal dresses, but if an event calls for it, I sure love to hit a store and go buy one.  So, help me point some pointers in choosing… ‘the‘ perfect formal dress.

High Neck Chiffon Sleeveless Zipper Floor-length Evening DressesBlue evening dress


Kitchen Project on a Budget: DIY Magnetic Knife Board

Who doesn’t want to save space on their kitchen counter tops?  We are living in a small-spaced, one bedroom apartment for a long time now and we are having a scarcity of space as days go by.  Of course, I will think of every possible space-saving ideas I could think of just to see space anywhere. Haha.

I always think of space saving ideas for my favorite part of the house… my kitchen.  So far, that’s all that are posted here in my house project’s category.  This time, my space-saving project is for my kitchen knives.  Though I don’t own a lot of knives; I have a couple of knives, bread knife, spatulas and a cake slicer, I still wanted them off my counter top.

Knife Rack


5 Things Every Indoor Vegetable Garden Needs

Indoor vegetable gardens can help reduce your monthly food budget by giving you a year-round supply of edibles. However, you need to give the plants what they need in order to survive. Not all veggies are capable of sitting in your kitchen window throughout the winter. What can you do to keep the plants alive 365 days a year in the house?


One of the obvious elements for keeping plants alive is light. However, plants are photosynthetic. This means they can convert virtually any light into energy. While many people use heat lamps to keep their vegetables growing, something like a fluorescent light source can work as well. As long as you can deliver the right amount of illumination, the plants can flourish.


One of the reasons why many indoor plants die off during the winter is because of the severely shifting temperature. If you can build an indoor garden that can sustain an ideal temperature, plants can survive even through the most violent of winters.