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Hello blogging world!



Welcome to my Food/Cooking Blog (somewhat health blog)!

I have created this blog for wanting to share my experience of having fun and learning, in the process, to cook different menus for my family.

Menus that I cook may sometimes be cheap or budgeted, fancy or extravagant, I tell you, the quality or taste of the foods I cook would not be compromised… of course, I’m cooking for my family here and their judgement is very important to me.

I may or may not post the ingredients or the procedures I’ve done with the menu, because I’m not used to cooking with measurement, I sometimes based it on my instinct or my taste buds. ;)

Anyway, I’ll be transferring some menus I made before from my previous food blog so it may take a while… hope you could bear with me.

Thank you for your visit!  Have a nice day!


Mommy Bonz