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Halo Halo at Razon’s


This afternoon after our short day visit at Tagaytay, we stopped by at Paseo de Sta. Rosa to try Razon’s Halo Halo.  It was my sister-in-law’s idea to let us taste the halo halo version of Razon’s.


The verdict?


There’s nothing exceptional about it.  I can’t even compare it with Chowking’s Halo Halo.


I thought it tasted good because it is something different from the usual Halo Halo I eat at Chowking or at the streets.  What is different is the Halo Halo ingredients are finely minced, the sweetened banana, and macapuno, and 2 slices of leche flan.

Maybe it didn’t appeal to me that much because I didn’t get to taste the creaminess of the milk.  The sweetness is just right, but I want my halo halo creamy. And that’s what its lacking, for me.


Anyway, even though my verdict is not good.  I’m still sharing this at



Mommy Bonz


  1. Nicca

    Halo-halo is perfect especially for summer.. We can even make our own at home and use some of the things needed at the fridge..

    27 . Apr . 2012
  2. Mommy Jes

    ang sarap naman!!! penge!!! kakamiss! gawa nga dn ako halo halo 😛 pede b ko gawa sa blende? :))

    28 . Apr . 2012
  3. the food dude

    Another cool treat to beat the summer heat, nice!

    28 . Apr . 2012
  4. Tito Eric

    That’s surely a wonderful treat especially during the summer!

    28 . Apr . 2012
  5. jellybelly

    Sarap! Perfect for the hot summer days! Visiting from FTF 🙂

    30 . Apr . 2012

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