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Starbucks Half-Price Frappe. Happy Hours Monday.


Just like my Facebook shout out earlier in the afternoon…

“Taking advantage of Starbucks Half-Price Frappe!”

As soon as I learned that Starbucks is having a Happy Hour Mondays promo late April, I planned on visiting Starbucks on the first day of the promo.  But it didn’t happen.  

So, yesterday I made sure that I’ll be drinking frappe on the 2nd Monday of the promo.  It’s an afternoon date with hubby and Little Zoie.  After paying all the house utility bills. 😉


We ordered:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Grande

  • Original Price:  Php165.00
  • Half-Price Promo:  Php 82.50
Mocha Frappe
  • Original Price:  Php145.00
  • Half-Price Promo:  Php 72.50

Chocolate Dipped Doughnut – Php50.00

So, on May 21, the fourth Monday of Starbucks Half-Price promo, me and my cousins are planning on having a little family/cousins date.  Already invited them through our closed family page in Facebook.

Grab now your share of Starbucks Half-Price Frappe, they are a cool alternative to cool down this summer! 😉

Starbucks Half-Price Frappucino


Mommy Bonz


  1. Giselle

    Half price? Wow! I am sure a lot of people would take advantage of this because Frappe is perfect for us.. Thanks for the news..

    08 . May . 2012
  2. cmichaelsny

    I love to drink this..Looks delicious dessert the cake..Thanks for sharing..

    09 . May . 2012
  3. Amor Cielo

    It is a good thing that they slash their price, although I really love starbucks I have to reconsider buying it because of the price.

    17 . May . 2012

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