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Do You Use Canola Oil?


IMG00528-20120813-1904I recently bought canola oil even before I read some facts or other people’s point of view regarding the use of canola oil.  I bought canola oil because it says in the label that it is a ‘Cholesterol Free’ oil.  It is said to be rich in omega-3 and omega-6 components, which both helps reduce bad cholesterol.

According to my research about Canola, Canola oil comes from canola seeds. They are a genetic variation of rapeseed that was developed in the 1960s using traditional plant-breeding methods to make the rapeseed more palatable. It is said to be low on saturated fats but very high in healthy unsaturated fats.

Though it seems it is healthy because of its omega 3 and omega 6 components, I still found other people’s thoughts about Canola Oil.  There are a lot of websites I found that Canola oil is engineered and it’s true form is from a rape seed.  Rape seed is said to be  the most toxic of all food-oil plants.  Rape seeds are used as lubricant, fuel, soap and synthetic rubber base, according to some websites.  This information about how Canola oil should not be use as cooking oil started from a chain mail.  (Read the chain mail here.)  But somehow some health websites are debunking these canola oil information and tagging them as myths.

Well, I haven’t seen any proof that canola brings diseases to your body but seeing how this product threading good and bad discussions, mostly bad, I don’t think I’ll be finishing up this bottle of canola oil I bought.  Well, that’s my own point of view, there are other cooking oil which doesn’t give a lot of fuzz to use it and I guess I’ll stick with them.  ^_^


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  1. Born27

    Rape seeds are used as lubricant, fuel, soap and synthetic rubber base, according to some websites. Thanks that you’ve shared.

    24 . Aug . 2012

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