Will I Get It Now or Next Month?

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Well, I’m talking about the domain name I’m planning to buy for Baby Z.

I have been planning of getting one for him since January but since Baby Z is not cooperating in showing his gender over the pelvic ultrasound, the plans of buying him a domain with his name has been moved and moved.

Last month, 2 OB check ups ago, the gender was confirmed but I haven’t bought the domain, me and hubby just finalized Baby Z name.  Two weeks ago, my latest OB check up, just to confirm again, I asked the OB to check the gender again since hubby came with me.  I wanted him to show Baby Z’s gender.  Unfortunately, Baby Z became shy didn’t want to show his daddy whether he’s a boy or a girl.  ^_^

Today, I’m going back for my check up, 36 weeks of my pregnancy and the start of my weekly check ups, and I’m definitely (definitely) going to confirm the gender for the last time, though I can ask for it every check up because of the free ultrasound. ^_^

Though I’ll be able to confirm the gender today, I’m still in the middle of the question: to buy the domain now or wait until Baby Z comes out?


Mommy Bonz