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The Waiting Game


I’m nearing my 38th-week this Saturday, and I’m getting anxious as to when Baby Z will want to come out.

For the past week, since the weekends, I have been very diligent in walking all over the place, from the mall, and then the subdivision we are living.  That’s morning and late afternoon.

First and foremost, I don’t want to delivery Baby Z for more than 39 weeks because of the fear I might undergo Caesarian Section (CS) delivery because of his weight.  He’s getting bigger every week while mommy’s getting thinner!  ^_^ I don’t want a CS delivery, first because it is expensive and second, I don’t want doctors cutting me open!  Sheesh!  I will choose to experience labor pains than being cut open to get the baby out!  Labor pains are very painful, I have experienced it during my labor to Little Zoie but I’m not scared of experiencing it again though I have a very low pain tolerance.

So as early as 37 weeks I was already very diligent in walking every morning and afternoon.  If we are in the mall, almost the whole day.  Tomorrow, I have scheduled hubby to take me to my in-laws where there village is situated at the mountain side.  It’ll be the best walking exercise for me, so Baby Z will come down, just like what happened to Little Zoie before.

I, we want to see Baby Z already and this waiting game is just giving us, my family and friends, excitement throughout the waiting game.  ^_^

Excited much!



Mommy Bonz