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Introducing… Zachary Matthew!


The little guy is here!


The much awaited little boy of my in-laws was delivered via NSD last April 27. Well, actually not only by my in-laws but everyone in both sides of the family. They all love babies and got really excited when they learned that I’m already getting contractions that day.

Too bad my mother-in-law was not around, she was on out-of-town on Friday till Saturday, an office outing.  She’s a nurse, though not practicing her profession, she was the one who guided me when I gave birth to Little Zoie and it feels different that it’s just me and hubby.

Anyway, here are other details of Matti’s birth information:

  • Date of Birth:  April 27, 2013
  • Time of Birth:  8:35 am
  • Birth Weight:  3.2 kg (7.04 pounds)
  • Birth Length:  51 cm
  • Immunizations given:  BCG and Hepa B first dose

We are still scheduled to come back for a Newborn Screening on May 1st.  Newborn Screening should be extracted after 48 hours of birth.

Our angels are now two… welcome Zachary Matthew!

Mommy Bonz