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He Has Arrived! Finally!


The much awaited Baby Z is here!!!

I gave birth to Baby Z, or should I say, Baby Matti, on April 27 (same birthday of my youngest sister) at around 8:35 am via normal delivery.  He weighs 3.2 kg, 7.04 pounds, with a length of 51 cm.  He is a 7-pounder baby and I’m proud to deliver him normally!  I really, really don’t want to undergo C-section!

The labor pains started on the late afternoon of April 26, Friday.  At first, hubby will still have to go to office since it is just his last day of work.  But when I told him the status of my labor contractions, the intervals, is just 8-7 minutes at around 8 pm, I convinced him to stay with me and not go to office.  Not to mention, Little Zoie is having her own episodes of fever since that morning.

The contractions didn’t stop which made me think that this was not a false alarm.  I tried to monitor it though sometimes I got to fall asleep during intervals.  Having contractions at night time didn’t stop me from falling asleep.  Hubby on the other hand, is simply waiting in the living room and watching movies while waiting for me to pop!  ^_^

At around 3:30 am, still sleepy, as I went to the toilet to take a pee, I have found a spot of blood which made me decide to finally go to the hospital to be admitted.  I was communicating with my OB-Gyne since the contractions started on Friday night.

IE was done to me by the resident doctor in the ER as we are waiting for my doctor and my room to be prepared.  After sending to my room, I was then lead to the labor for my doctor will meet me there.  Another IE was done by my OB when she arrived.  I was only 4 cm and I still need to walk and walk to be fully dilated, so I was sent back to my room.

As we are waiting for me to fully dilated, my OB has other patient to assist in giving birth.  This patient is set for C-section.  My doctor thought that she’ll be the first one to give birth than me, but as soon as they are preparing her, I was nearing my dilation then my water bag popped!

Though I wanted to share the whole delivery episode of my labor, I think I will pass.  But I can only describe it as much painful than the first one.  Much much painful than Little Zoie’s delivery!  Maybe because she’s only a 5.5-pound baby and not a 7-pounder.  ^_^

I missed an important detail, I delivered Baby Matti via Normal delivery while his cord has been coiled on his neck!  And I thank GOD that I delivered him safe…

What a wonderful blessing!

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  1. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious?

    Congratulations. Glad it all worked out with the cord around his neck. Scary.

    05 . May . 2013

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