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Happy Birthday, Son!


Though we are very tired from the day’s celebration of baby Matti’s first birthday, an overnight stay at one of Tagaytay’s hotels on the eve of his birthday and the party celebration in the afternoon after the staycation, I am still up and about sharing to his blog what happened on his birthday.

I can only share a few photos because most of the photos are at my in-laws camera which we forgot to bring home with us.  Hopefully we can get it soon.

Anyway, like any other Jollibee celebrated party, the event started with games.  But of course, you need to warm up first!

mw bday07

Everyone had fun with the games especially the kids.  Little Zoie has been winning most of the games with the help of my MIL’s friends.  Haha.

The original program is to show Jollibee’s mascots first before eating but because of some delays they have served the food a little early.  Well, that’s okay, I was already hungry at that time.

mw bday06

Better late than never, here comes the Jollibee and Hetty, 2 of Jollibee’s mascots.

mw bday09

Without further ado, time to blow his birthday cake’s candle!

mw bday01
Jollibee’s birthday cakes are made by Red Ribbon! I love!

The emcee have asked what are our wishes for our little boy, I didn’t say too much because I am not really into talking to a very large crowd so I let hubby do all the talking, but I would like to write here my wish for you, my son, and hopefully you’ll get to read this when time comes.

My dear Matti, my wish for you my son is to grow in the loving arms of the Lord.  May you be a God-fearing person as you grow up.  I wish to guide you in all the days of your life and keep you healthy and away from harm.  I wish you to grow learning how to give respect to people especially to girls.  Know always that we will love you from the depths of our hearts, no matter what.  Have faith in God, okay?

A family event is not complete without our family picture…

matti 1st fampic

More photo opp…

mw bday08 mw bday03

 Happy birthday, Matti!  We Love You!

Mommy Bonz