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Monthly Goals Update: 1 Done & 3 On Process


I am really the worst person in trying to accomplish her goals.  In all four goals I’ve made last month, I only accomplished one goal and that is my son’s 1st birthday!

matti 1st fampic

So, here’s the update, the italized words are my goals last month while the bold words are the status of those goals.

  1. Prepare and finish up Matti’s first birthday.  DONE
  2. More family pictures printed.  Buy Matti’s first baby album.  Yup, I’m very guilty, I haven’t bought one yet. :-( Still haven’t done this yet.
  3. Save 2,000 for Little’s Zoie’s school related expenses.  Actually, I have put aside 1,500 already. – Unfortunately, I have used this money because of some financial difficulties after Matti’s birthday.
  4. Continue updating Matti’s blog.  – Still guilty of not updating his blog every now & then but I have paid its renewal for the 2nd month.  Now, I have to make an income out of it.


Though I am not very good in accomplishing my set goals I am still going to set, if not more, the same goals I haven’t accomplished yet.  2014 is not finished yet so I am still hoping that I’ll be able to close one goals in this list.  Or do more in the coming months.

I still need to finalize my goals for this month, I will have my run through first before I’ll post it here.  Hope to get my goals set for this month done by next week.





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