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My Little Batman


I haven’t posted my son’s 1st birthday in his blog, but I wanted to post one picture here. Well, this will be the second one because I have posted the first one in one blog entry, one of my monthly goals update.

I just wanted to show off my son’s first costume, Batman.

my little batman
He doesn’t know Batman of course, but this idea of making him wear Batman is from my hubby.  Hubby confesses that when he was a kid, one of his frustrations is to wear a Batman costume because he is his favorite character.  Since he is too old to wear a Batman costume, he made sure that our son will get to wear one even though our boy is not conscious as to what he is wearing.  He seems uncomfortable at first, but as the party went on, he’s not minding his costume at all.  Less the Batman mask.

At this time, his costume fits him well, but I don’t think he will still be able to fit it on Halloween.  I hope by that time he’ll get to choose his own favorite character.


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