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Okra Costume Making (Part 2)


This is the second part of my blog entry last Monday, Okra Costume Making (Part 1), I am just finishing up by posting the final look of the okra costume I am making.

Originally, I will be the one to sew the edges of the garment I already cut last Monday using a pattern, which I draw myself, by my hands.  But then, calculating the # of days left before the school event, on Friday, I will not be able to finish it on time.  So, I decided to have my MIL to sew by machine and it will just take a couple of hours.

We delivered the costume to my MIL, and while she is sewing the costume I wanted to add a head dress aside from the costume.  Every night, whenever the kids are sleeping, I make sure I’m making progress with the head dress.  The head dress should look like the top of an okra, and I’m trying my best to figure it out since I don’t have any background in sewing.  MIL finished the costume last yesterday afternoon and I finished head dress last night.  I wanted to rest today so I made sure that everything needed for tomorrow is already done and packed.

So before anything more… we have to fit the costume.  MIL really knows how to sew, and she’s done a good job with the costume, and fortunately, the head dress I sewn fits perfectly on her head!  This is an achievement for me! ^_^


okra costume done

I know this costume will go a long way.  This will be handed down to my son, then to my nephew and nieces.  This is quite a money-saving move for me.  I didn’t want to spend my Php 280 to a costume that looks like this, now I am proud that I only spent Php 120 for all of this!


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