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It is very important for us to take care of our family’s health, especially our health because who will take care of the family if the mom herself is not healthy at all. 🙁


health card
Hubby’s hashtag in Instagram #healthiswealth


Finally, after a year of less health privileged, the much-awaited health cards are here! It was an unfortunate misunderstanding because hubby thought he already finalized our health benefits last year and after follow ups, he then realized it was properly filled thus, we didn’t get to enjoy these health benefits. But that’s a past now and I am looking forward for this year’s health benefits.

I am now plotting schedules of planned visits to the pedia for the kids, and a specialized physician on bones (sorry don’t know that doctor is called) for me.  Though the kids didn’t have health card last year, we sure did visit their doctor and that was really heavy on the budget, plus the medicines.  It was just me who didn’t get to visit any physician at all.

Now, are health cards are issued I’ll make sure that me and my kids are going to be very busy coming back and again to our respective doctors to be able to fully enjoy hubby’s paid health benefits for us.  He’s paying for the dependents’ health plans, so we are definitely going to enjoy this.  As soon as my daughter’s school examinations are done, off to the clinic for check up the following week.  My kids first then me!


2kids health card
Zoie and Matti playing with their HMOs

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