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Chocolate Overload Cupcakes


The first time I baked, the recipe I used was a chocolate cupcake. That first time wasn’t that bad, but I felt that I needed to find another chocolate cupcake recipe because it didn’t felt special for me. I need to pump more chocolate taste into my next bake as I said in my previous post.  And this is what I did to my 2nd chocolate cupcake trial.

Now, my second chocolate cupcake recipe trial.

This chocolate cupcake recipe is adapted from a well-known baking blog, link at the bottom, but improvised my own chocolate frosting from my previous batch of vanilla buttercream frosting.

choco overload01

I didn’t not include the frosting recipe in this post, I just used the leftover (sealed tight and refrigerated) vanilla buttercream recipe from the vanilla cupcake and incorporated cocoa powder bit by bit.  Sorry, I lost track of the measurement.  But according to my sister-in-law, I still need to add more cocoa powder, need them to be more chocolatey.


choco overload
Decorated my chocolate cupcakes with more chocolate chips and garnish with chocolate wave with heart on top too.

Now, if you want the recipe for the cupcake base, here’s where you can get it: Sally’s Baking Addiction’s Death by Chocolate Cupcakes.


Mommy Bonz