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Foods To Speed Up Your Metabolism


Everyone’s so fuzzed up with losing weight but if you are to ask me, speeding up your metabolism is the key.  Speeding up your metabolism helps everything you eat to be digested and immediately distributed to the different parts of the body where they are needed.  I’ve learned the pepper and other spicy food are the examples of the food that can help you lose weight.

Here are some examples of food which can help speed up your metabolism.

Oh, I wish we have strawberries accessible in the nearest market.  Strawberries grow in cold climate, too bad our climate is not good enough to grow them.  We have to climb Philippines’ coldest province before we can buy strawberries.  So unfortunate, right?

Anyway, hope this list of food can help you pick the ones you need to eat to speed up your metabolism and lose weight.

Mommy Bonz