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Creating a DIY Sofia the First Amulet of Avalor


My daughter’s 7th birthday is coming up and she’s quite excited of it. Even at the start of the month, January, she’s busy planning the details of her birthday, who will sponsor for her birthday and what will they contribute, smart kid.

Last month, after her small aunt’s 7th birthday, she thoroughly thought of her own birthday party theme and she finally came up with Sofia the First party, one of Disney’s princesses, after a lot of suggestions among the Disney’s famous princesses.

After she decided her birthday princess theme, first thing she pointed out that she has to have Princess Sofia’s Amulet of Avalor too. Yup, that little violet teardrop pendant her stepfather King Roland has given her as a welcome present when she and her mom moved in with them. And because of this request, I have searched high and low in the world wide web for any DIY instructions on how to make your own version of Sofia the First’s Amulet of Avalor, if I cannot make a replica.

I was really thankful that even though I haven’t found a step by step amulet making tutorial, at least I found an inspriration and tool tips of what I will be needing for making an amulet. What I was afraid in this project is where will I be getting the materials because honestly, this is the first time I’m doing stuff like this. Then my aunt-in-law pointed out that these materials can be found in crafts stores which is also a sewing materials store here in the Philippines.

Alas, I found them and eagerly made the amulet and got very excited for the outcome of my first DIY Sofia the First birthday theme project.

DIY Sofia the First amulet01

DIY Sofia the First amulet02

DIY Sofia the First amulet03


I made two amulets because I wanted to pair my daughter with this accessory.  And I have decided to use my favorite color for my amulet…

Honestly, I was very happy with the outcome.

Mommy Bonz