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Sofia the First Inspired 2-Tier Chocolate Cake


Honestly, this is the first time I have made a 2-tier cake and I was kinda hesitant to do it, but I thought how can I really show that the cake is wearing Princess Sofia’s dress.  Though hesitant, I am still excited about how will my 2-tier Sofia the 1st inspired cake will come out.

I remember that August last year was the time I started learning how to bake.  After 5 months, I am now trying my creative hand in creating a 2-tier which I haven’t tried before.  I only experienced making 1-tier cakes.  Though I am scared, I still challenged myself that I can do it!

The cake base is made up of chocolate flavor and the frosting under the purple fondant is American Buttercream.  And the decorations are white little dragees and the #7 for my daughter’s age.


sofia cake 2 tier

sofia cake 1st layer

Since this is my first time to create a 2-tier cake, and without internet connection, I didn’t get to read more about putting dowels for a tiered cake such as this one.  I have improvised its support using a wide-mouthed straw which is used in pearl shake drinks.  So far, it did a good job.

Aside from a 2-tier cake, I also baked mini and regular sized cupcakes in addition to her birthday feast.  Flavors are vanilla and chocolate.  Of course, it should go with the theme of Sofia the First…


cupcakes 7th birthday

More pics of the cake…


sofia cake zoie name

sofia cake by Project Sweets

Mommy Bonz