Decorate-Yourself-Chocolate Cake

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Last April 17 was my grandmother’s-in-law 89th birthday but the family decided to celebrate it on a family day, Sunday, April 19.  The plan was just a simple get together with everyone bringing their share of food for the party, and since I am baking, my mother-in-law assigned me to create Lola Mommy’s birthday cake.

chocolate chiffon cake filling
Filling in my cake layers


chocolate ganache selbourne
My Selbourne chocolate ganache


The assignment was given one week ahead and from that day on I have been thinking, planning, of what kind of cake I will be baking, what frosting and what decoration will be best for the cake.  MIL requested for a chocolate cake and the decoration should be like the birthday cake I made for her last year.  Since I am still practicing and wanted to learn additional cake flavors, frosting and cake designs, I decided to bake a chocolate chiffon cake with whipped chocolate ganache frosting and still working on the cake design.  I still wasn’t sure if I’ll go with the rosette design just like MIL’s birthday cake, but what certain is I’ll be creating small square flags with written ‘Lola, Happy Birthday’ dedication. This was 5 days before the celebration.

chocolate chiffon cake crumb coat
Still need more practice in crumb coating


Then two days before the cake making, Saturday, I decided to incorporate messy frosting look for my chiffon cake, still using a whipped chocolate ganache.  With the help of Pinterest pins, I try to remember the tips I found to create a messy look on the frosting.

chocolate chiffon cake messy frosting
Did I achieve the messy frosting look?


At the day of the baking, I finally decided to put additional edible decorations such as dragees, sprinkles, or non-pareils but I can’t seem to decide which of these edible decorations will work best with my cake.  So, I decided that I will just bring all my decorations and let my sisters-in-law decide if needed decorations are called for.

final chocolate chiffon cake
Messy frosting and undecorated cake


You want to see how my sisters-in-law and my daughter decorated this chocolate-y cake…

decorate yourself chocolate chiffon cake
The birthday celebrant blowing the candles on her cake

Now, that my plain chocolate cake is covered with colorful edible decorations, I know call it… ‘Decorate-Yourself Chocolate Chiffon Cake’!

sliced decorate yourself chiffon cake
The celebrant took the first slice!


Mommy Bonz