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One Baymax Cake & One Dedication Cake


Yesterday was my sister’s and son’s birthday.  My sister turned 24 years old and my son is now 2.  Celebrating birthdays is a good time to practice baking and decorating cakes, if not cupcakes, and this was a perfect time since it is two birthdays in one day.

Honestly, I don’t have any cake designs in mind for my younger sister’s cake but I do have two designs, still deciding which one, for my son: Spiderman or Baymax of Big Hero 6.  I already have searched for a Spiderman cake inspiration weeks before the birthdate but when I noticed that my little boy is getting interested with the white fluffy robot in the Big Hero 6 movie, I’m having second thoughts of using the Spiderman design inspiration.

When I asked of hubby’s thoughts on this, he voted for a Baymax design cake so I searched Pinterest boards for any ideas how to make a Baymax fondant topper. And this is what I’ve got…


Baymax cake and cupcakes
just needed a cake inspiration

Since I don’t have a ready made fondant I decided to try a new frosting recipe that I haven’t done yet, swiss meringue buttercream.  I was really scared of doing it but I know I’ve got to (swiss meringue buttercream will be on a different post), and it is included in the list of frosting I want to learn making.

Anyway, I made my son’s birthday cake first, 6-inch two-layered chocolate chiffon cake, because I still haven’t worked on the design for my sister’s cake.  I just know that it is a square chocolate chiffon cake.

As I kept the cakes frozen overnight, I woke up early the next day to prepare my swiss meringue buttercream frosting, in which at first was looking perfect.  Then after I added the butter to the meringue that’s when it went down hill, will be posting this SMBC experience next time.  Though the SMBC was a failed first try, I still want to use it because (1) I don’t want to waste the ingredients used since it is only for personal consumption, and (2) it still tasted good, it’s just the consistency and color that was a failure.  The color?  I was going for a deep red just like Baymax suit as a super hero, but it didn’t go well too, it was more of a pink.  But I tried to work it out by sprinkling red sprinkles, which was already on hand.  And here’s how it looked…

simple baymax cake


As I was having trouble with the color and consistency of my swiss meringue buttercream, I decided to make a dedication cake for my sister.  I have separated some of the frosting to be used on my sister’s cake.  I have a leftover chocolate ganache which I decided to include in my swiss meringue buttercream by folding it to the buttercream.  I only scooped a couple of heaping spoonfuls because I am only aiming for a mocha taste and not really the chocolate taste.  I also sprinkled vermicelli on the sides just to add a little detail on the dedication cake.  I used the ganache on both cakes to write the ‘Happy Birthday’ messages.

dedication cake


The visitors on this simple birthday event, a small gathering, was my dear cousins.  The initial plan on this day was to only blow his cake on his birthday.


P.S.: Birthday pictures on his blog.

Mommy Bonz