Kitchen Project on a Budget: Unorganized Lids Now Organized!

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Small kitchen apartments have trouble with storage and organization, though I have acquired less kitchen wares and stuff, I am one of those who did not do anything with it for a long time.  I thought that since I am just renting the apartment I don’t want to spend on installing pricey storage solutions for my convenience.

It took me long enough to realize that organizing your stuff, not only kitchen stuff, needs to be expensive just to unclutter your kitchen.  I thought wrong, like for example finding solution with my unorganized cookware lids, see I only have a few.

unorganized lids
I bought this… actually, I don’t know what it is called but I saw this idea this kind of storage in one of the pins in Pinterest. Which only costs me Php 66.00 at Japan Home Centre.
hanging storage01

The original idea I planned was to use this for storing bread without the worry of ants getting to it so easily, then again I thought of another clever way to make use of this handy storage item… storing my cookware lids!

I have installed it at the corner end of the cabinet, just not to get too much attention on it. The built-in storage cabinet installed in the apartment doesn’t have any cabinet doors. I also installed a hook at the back of the grid storage because the lids is too heavy for it carry without any support. I know it will give away for less than two days. Hooks are only Php 39.75 for a set of five so it is really not out of the budget.

hanging storage02


Now, the final touches…

storage solution for lids


I better grab another one of these again for my bread-storing idea… Haha!  You can use this idea too.


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