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Kitchen Project on a Budget: Menu Planner Board


As I promised, I’ll be posting how I will  create the menu planner board posted in the last part of my previous entry of Kitchen Project on a Budget.  

kitchen project after look

I know it is not essential in a Filipino household to create a menu planner board for their everyday menu planning, still my creative mind wanted to make one but without spending too much.   Now, here’s how I made my menu board just spending less Php70.00 on the art decorations.  

menu board step1  menu board step2
The only art materials I bought for this kitchen project was the glue stick and the food themed scrapbook materials, that is just less than Php 70.00.  The cork board and wood clips are gifts and the construction paper is from Little Zoie’s school supplies from last school year, Kinder 2.  

The cut out of the word ‘Menu’ was written by my youngest sister-in-law who have very creative mind and hands, on the other hand, haha, I didn’t succeed in cutting a very artistic name of days. ^_^ 

The finish product… 

menu board step3 

I still have to hang this on my kitchen wall beside the wall grid storage. 

menu board step4 

Simple but very useful.  

Care to share your organization projects at home?  I would love to see them, just link them at the comments below.


Mommy Bonz