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Let’s Talk Busy


24clockThere’s a lot going on this past few months and it’s really hard keeping up my children’s diary because of this.  The household is getting busy now that the kids are all growing up.  Also, there goes my baking and other kitchen escapades, which has been blooming since I started last year. Now, I couldn’t ask for more, except more time in a day. It feels like 24 hours is not enough in all I wanted to finish in one day.

I have missed a lot of blog updates and now I’m trying to back post as many as I can in my kids web pages.  Matti’s blog is way way behind updates.  Aside from that, I have other freelance writing job and a couple of VA’s on the side.  Now, let’s talk busy.  Haha.

Honestly, this post may be short but this took 2 days to be written because of many interruptions then my thoughts will go in different directions so I don’t know if this post is making any sense.  

Anyway, got to still post this and hopefully I could post everything that I’ve been doing, especially in my kitchen because I have been keen in exploring the the messy but sweet world of baking.  




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