S’mores Skillet Dip, A Failed Try

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I have been wanting to try any s’mores recipes because I am a fan of chocolate and marshmallows.  Though it has an easy-to-get ingredients, I don’t have a blow torch to toast my marshmallows.  

I first to try this recipe, Indoor S’mores from DessertForTwo.com, but I got a failed mark.  

The recipe that I found needs only an iron skillet, which I don’t have but still tried to make it work, and an oven.  This s’mores recipe doesn’t need any blow torches.  The instructions in the recipe seemed really easy, but I still failed to make this s’mores.   Looking at the finished product of this s’mores trial, the chocolate underneath the marshmallows are really burnt.  I don’t really know what happened, but I’m guessing I should have used cooking spray on the skillet first before putting my chocolates.  

smores skillet dip

Anyway, I’m still sharing the recipe I got from DessertForTwo.com

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