My Valentine’s Day @ B Hotel

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To tell you the truth this is the first time that me and hubby are spending time together, not to mention an overnight stay, without the kids! I know every couple needs their alone time every now and then, it definitely is a must, but the thought of being away overnight made me anxious. Of course it is unfair to hubby to make all these plans for Valentine’s day and I’m not into it a 100%! I have to do my part… and that is to enjoy my time with him alone!

As the year came in, we haven’t had any plans of celebrating Valentine’s just yet. But when hubby spotted a nice deal by B Hotel Alabang in his Facebook news feed, he couldn’t resist of not availing it.

b in love

The promo hubby availed has many inclusions, for only Php 4,500.00 we get to have:

  • Overnight stay in one of their Standard Room.
  • Buffet Dinner for 2
  • Included in their Valentine’s Day raffle.
  • Live Band
  • A Gift
  • Buffet Breakfast for 2.

Not a bad deal, right? 

Though this is a great deal, I still wanted to know if there are other Valentine’s Day promo at the nearby hotels.  One hotel offered a lower rate for their Valentine’s promo but B Hotel had a better package.  Same goes with other hotels with higher Valentine’s Day promo packages.  We called in and booked our stay before the month of January ended.

Valentine’s Day.

b hotel front

**pic not mine**

We arrived at the hotel early, a little past ten actually.  Though they accept early check ins they can’t accommodate us that time, they seemed to be fully booked.  They offered to drop us off, and pick us up, to any nearby malls we wanted to go while they keep an eye on our belongings.  That was fine because we planned to watch the movie ‘Deadpool’ before we check in.  We just need to come back to the hotel before 3pm, so we can check in.

Since we are having fun with our alone time, we didn’t get a chance to take pictures of us during our movie date.  We were advised by the hotel staff to call their contact #s if we are ready to be picked up at the mall we were strolling.  We made that call at 2pm, after 15 minutes of waiting B Hotel’s shuttle service came.  

The transaction at the hotel lobby went smoothly, we didn’t encounter any problems as we settle the bill and provide incidental fees as we checked in.  They provided stubs for the massage inclusions, raffle stubs for the Valentine’s dinner, and stubs for next day’s buffet breakfast.  I have to mention that hotel staff are very welcoming, they really smile.

Valentine's 2016 @ B Hotel (pair)


Valentine's 2016 @ B Hotel (window)

Seems like my migraine really planned on going me and hubby on our Valentine’s day getaway-from-the-kids, so when we arrived in our hotel room, I just freshen up and tried to take a good nap.  After 2 hours of nap time, the migraine subsided a bit, but we need to step out for a while and pick up some finger foods at the nearby grocery store just across the main street.  When we came back at the hotel, we availed the massage inclusion just to get my nerves relaxed.  Bad idea actually, because my migraine came back when the masseuse gave me a great massage and I can’t sleep.  That was already 6pm and the dinner is at 8pm.

We did go to the grocery store, remember?  But we forgot to pick up a medicine for my migraine, I thought my head is getting better actually.  So the hotel nurse came to my rescue!  I don’t want to miss this dinner!  We called in for a headache medicine and she was in our room in 5 mins.  I bought 2 pieces of mefanamic acid for this bad migraine… of course, I only drank one. 

Thanks to that medicine, I am up and ready to have that Valentine’s Day dinner with hubby! Woot!

Valentine's 2016 @ B Hotel (date)

Valentine's 2016 @ B Hotel (dinner)

It was a buffet dinner, and I enjoyed everything in their selection!  I’ve got to taste everything, right, so I’ve got to omit rice from my plate.  Oh well, I did scoop half cup of rice actually, then everything else is viands.  I love the seafood selection.  And since I am a dessert lover, it didn’t stopped me from getting a few to taste!

valentine's dessert

It wouldn’t be a complete romantic Valentine’s Day dinner without a live band playing and singing romantic songs in the background.  I so love it!

Valentine's 2016 @ B Hotel (music)

I know that this night are all about lovers, young and old alike, and it’s quite amusing to see old couples out still out on a date. We saw two pairs of not-so-young couples enjoying their romantic night with their partners.  I pray that me and hubby will still be like them when we get old.  Haha! 

Moreover, I did get to observe my surroundings, other than those happy, old couples.  The younger ones, particular the 2 couples on our right and left side.  I didn’t think that they are out to celebrate a romantic night, because all those times, during dinner, if they are not eating, their heads are bowed down busy checking out social media channels with their respective phones!  Can’t you just live and enjoy the moment and stop looking over your phones?!?! You’re there to enjoy your time together!

Yes, we do have hubby’s phone with us, but we only used it for taking pictures.  And if, I saw hubby doing the same thing, I’ll definitely confiscate his phone!  WE ARE HERE TO ENJOY, right?

Well, that’s my ranting… Here’s an advice for everyone.  Maybe we enjoy technology, but it wouldn’t give you memories to last for a lifetime.  So go out and live your life.

Valentine's 2016 @ B Hotel (love)

That was my Valentine’s Day at B Hotel.  I am not reviewing the hotel, I am just writing my experience last February 14, though I still want to throw some comments regarding the hotel and their services.  Hmm… maybe I could just take a screenshot of my review for them at B Hotel’s Facebook page.

b hotel review


How was your Valentine’s day?  I’m sure you enjoyed it with your special someone no matter how you celebrated it! 

Mommy Bonz