Confronting the High Cost of Funeral Arrangements

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A loved one’s passing can be sudden or expected after an extended illness. Regardless of the situation, this loss is always a profound one. However, you’re often confronted with real-life challenges during this mourning period. Funeral costs can range into the thousands of dollars for a traditional burial. As a dignified solution, cremation services in Virginia are available. Take a look at some of the details surrounding cremation and what this service can do for your family.

Selecting Cremation Services

Almost every community has access to cremation facilities. You can contact your local hospital or funeral home for referrals before the occasion arises. Ideally, you should prepare for cremation by purchasing a plan that works for your loved one’s needs. Buying the package early on allows you to price different facilities as necessary. Every cremation company has different costs that can vary over time.

Arranging the Service

Cremation used to have a negative connotation to it because a service was often waived. However, today’s families are using the cremation service as a way to invite people for a memorial. The service might be at a funeral home or the family’s property. Families usually select the service’s location based on personal and financial ease. The urn can be moved to any location so this option provides more versatility compared to a traditional burial.

Finalizing the Urn’s Permanent Home

An urn can be an incredibly ornate object, depending on the family’s container selection. However, families might purchase a basic urn to place in a mausoleum instead. This final resting place gives the family a location to mourn and visit over the years. Alternatively, an ornate urn might be perched on the family’s fireplace mantel. All of these locations are appropriate for your loved one’s permanent home.

Ash-Spreading Alternatives

Some loved ones insist on having their ashes spread at a favorite location. With the permission of the location’s owner, families can perform their own services as they spread the ashes back into nature. Some families only spread some of the ashes as a tribute while keeping some materials in the urn. Celebrating the person’s life is the core part of any ash-spreading ceremony.

Ideally, you should discuss your loved one’s desires before they pass on. Some people may not want to consider burial at all. In many cases, cremation allows a person to return back to the Earth as nature dictates. Any family can create a beautiful service with cremation as the main conduit for the loved one.


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