Hubby and Me: Preparing for a Backpacking Trip to the Beach

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This hubby and wife ‘alone trip’ took too long in the making.  Of course, I love a great family trip, which we originally planned.  But when the family vehicle is not available for use, it is very inconvenient if you have kids tagging along, especially if those kids are 8 and 3 years old.  My two kids get bored easily and we need to have stopovers for pee time, my 3-year-old is already potty trained.

Hubby was the one who suggested to hit the beach this summer as our summer water activity.  Though the summer plan changed, can’t bring the kids, he doesn’t want to postpone the #vitaminsea (that’s his hashtag for the beach in his Facebook wall).  And, I know that he’s been working diligently for everyone’s needs, I urge him that we can still go to the beach without the kids.  This suggestion came from me, but the thought of us leaving the kids, made me anxious.  Remember our first overnight away from the kids last Valentine’s day?  Make the separation anxiety thrice as much because the planned trip was 3 days and 2 nights.  I don’t know how will the 3-year-old will hold without his mommy, especially during sleeping times.  He literally falls asleep on top of me!


Last week, hubby talked to his supervisor if he could avail his first leave on May 13, beach trip is May 14-15.  To our surprise, without any more details as to why he is asking for a leave, it got approved!  As soon as the leave was plotted on  his schedule, we have been searching the internet, high and low, as to where what beach we are going and how many days are we staying.

Here are the beaches considered as our choices:

  • Calaguas
  • Cagbalete Island, Quezon
  • Borawan, Padre Burgos, Quezon
  • Burot Beach, Calatagan
  • Fortune Island, Batangas

We studied all the choices, the pros and cons, the budget, and hours spent in travelling.  We ended up finalizing the plan going to Cagbalete Island.  Hubby really wanted to go to Calaguas but the time spent travelling can’t be accommodated for he only asked a one-day leave.

Since Cagbalete is located in Quezon province, me and hubby decided to stop over at his friend’s (a girl friend and became my close friend too) house at Lucena.  We decided to spend a day at Lucena and then take an early morning trip, by bus, to Mauban port, at Lucena’s Grand Terminal since it is where we’re supposed to embark.  Then off to Cagbalete Island.

Hubby relayed this plan to his friend and excitedly agreed to let us stay.  She also offered to tour us around Lucena and asked if she could come with us to Cagbalete since she haven’t gone to that place.  Talk about being a tourist in your own home! She’s too close to Cagbalete but she hasn’t been there yet.  Lols.  I know it is suppose to be an ‘alone’ time of me and hubby, but she said she’ll not disturb us and also planned to take someone with her.  Well, I don’t mind, the more the merrier!

The next step after getting a leave, is booking us for a stay.  It is a choice between a tent rent or a room accommodation.  We contacted 4 resorts in the island already, but we can’t get any accommodations.  Not just to get our little vacation get spoiled because of uncertainties, we designed PLAN A and PLAN B.




Friday: Proceed to our friend’s house and follow the plan of tour.

Saturday:  Go to Cagbalete and try to get an overnight stay to any resorts in the island. Enjoy!

Sunday: Go home.



Friday: Same plan as Plan A.

Saturday: Go to Cagbalete and if accommodations are not available, take a day trip instead.  Enjoy the beach!

Sunday:  Go to Lucban, Quezon and enjoy one of the Philippines fiesta tradition in Quezon province, the Pahiyas.




Not a bad plan, right?  It was very timely that there is a fiesta celebrating on the weekend of our visit.  It is just one hour or less away from Lucena City.

As we settle on our PLAN A and PLAN B, still awaiting confirmations on unconfirmed booking reservations, I can’t help but get excited on our little #vitaminsea.  Also, hubby is planning to buy a snorkel set with fins this weekend.  So, this means we are definitely going through with this beach getaway…


UPDATE 5/10/16:  Doña Choleng Resort accommodated us with an overnight tent stay with food package.  Rates and directions will be posted after our beach trip.

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