Hubby and Me: Packed and Excited

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bc backpackers

Bags are packed and we are ready to go!


Since this is our first backpacking experience, we have prepared everything we know we’ll be needing except for a heavy duty backpacks!  Heavy duty or not, we are packed!

Today, we will be sending our kids to my in-laws for they will looking after them ’till Monday.  We have booked a tent accommodation for 2 overnight at Doña Choleng Resort with food package, 3 meals and 2 snacks.  We don’t want to be thinking of what food to bring or what to cook during our short stay in the island.  We simply want to have fun, relax and enjoy the beach and the ocean.

Last weekend, hubby was excited looking for a snorkel gear to use for our beach trip.  The whole set: mask, breathing tube and a pair of fins.  He spent almost a week searching for his snorkel gear.

We also borrowed his sister’s GoPro camera, he’s excited to document our beach trip, and also the ocean.

The list of what we packed:

  • GoPro camera
  • Snorkel gear
  • Flashlight (w/radio AM FM, siren)
  • Clothes, scarf, swimsuit
  • Pairs of slippers

I hoped I travelled light for this trip.  The cost of accommodation listed below:

Entrance Fee: Php 200.00 (per pax)

Tent Accommodation: Php 500.00 (good for 2)

Food Package: Php 800.00 (per pax, it includes lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, breakfast & morning snack)


Aside from this beach planning, I have come up with my own hashtag to use whenever me and hubby go to places.  Introducing… #BCEscapes, which means Bona & Chris escapes from their kids. Lols!

So, that’s it! See you tomorrow, Lucena!  See you soon, Cagbalete!

Mommy Bonz