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5 Things Every Indoor Vegetable Garden Needs

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Indoor vegetable gardens can help reduce your monthly food budget by giving you a year-round supply of edibles. However, you need to give the plants what they need in order to survive. Not all veggies are capable of sitting in your kitchen window throughout the winter. What can you do to keep the plants alive 365 days a year in the house?


One of the obvious elements for keeping plants alive is light. However, plants are photosynthetic. This means they can convert virtually any light into energy. While many people use heat lamps to keep their vegetables growing, something like a fluorescent light source can work as well. As long as you can deliver the right amount of illumination, the plants can flourish.


One of the reasons why many indoor plants die off during the winter is because of the severely shifting temperature. If you can build an indoor garden that can sustain an ideal temperature, plants can survive even through the most violent of winters.