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Kitchen Project on a Budget: DIY Magnetic Knife Board


Who doesn’t want to save space on their kitchen counter tops?  We are living in a small-spaced, one bedroom apartment for a long time now and we are having a scarcity of space as days go by.  Of course, I will think of every possible space-saving ideas I could think of just to see space anywhere. Haha.

I always think of space saving ideas for my favorite part of the house… my kitchen.  So far, that’s all that are posted here in my house project’s category.  This time, my space-saving project is for my kitchen knives.  Though I don’t own a lot of knives; I have a couple of knives, bread knife, spatulas and a cake slicer, I still wanted them off my counter top.

Knife Rack

I am seeing a lot of magnetic knife racks in Pinterest all the time and I have been searching for magnetic strips here and there just to make this project.  It has been months and months, but still I haven’t found my magnetic strips I needed for my little project.  Even the hardware stores in the mall are not offering this kind of magnet.  Finally, last week, I made a decision to look for my magnetic strip online.  After days of searching, I stumbled into an online site that offers different magnets, in all shapes and sizes.  The site I’m talking about is Magnet Manila.  Though I haven’t searched their website thoroughly, I paid a visit to their Facebook page, and there I finally found what I’ve been looking for all this time!  MAGNETIC STRIPS! They just offered it last month, maybe justifying magnet strips are not yet in this country’s market.

Back to my kitchen project post, my idea is to use a lightweight chopping board, magnetic strip, and a heavy duty double-sided adhesive to complete my magnetic knife board idea.  

Knife Rack Materials

I bought 1 meter of 25mm x 1.5mm thick with 3M adhesive, which only costs Php90.00, from Magnet Manila.  Wooden chopping board for Php88.00, from Japan Home.  3M double-sided ahesive for Php349.50, from Ace Hardware.  I need to buy the heavy duty adhesive to be assured that the wooden board won’t come off especially with the additional weight of all my kitchen cutting wares.

Here’s how I assembled it:


magnet on board

I cut the magnetic strips that will fit in the wooden board and stick it to the wooden board. Sorry guys I didn’t measure it up as you can see it in the image. 😉


3M tape on board

Cut the heavy duty double-sided adhesive and stick it to the back of the wooden board. They are the ones holding the whole magnetic board against the wall. I made hubby cut it for me.


magnetic rack on wall

Find a spot where you want to hang your magnetic knife board. Leave it empty for about 10 minutes just to let the adhesive to its job without any additional weight yet.  Leave it overnight if you want.


The final look?  Here it is…

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