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Top Activities That You Can Enjoy in Sabang Beach, Palawan


Travelers visit Sabang to see the Puerto Princesa Underground River or to try extreme activities. For those who just wanted a quick getaway to the beach, Sabang’s cool waters and white sand offer a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of city living.

Puerto Princesa Underground River (Photo by: Aleah Taboclaon of Solitary Wanderer)

Sabang’s proximity to the city proper makes it an ideal beach destination for tourists and locals alike. There are a lot of beachfront accommodations in Sabang that you can choose from, too, depending on your budget. Make sure to book in advance. Many online booking sites like Traveloka also offer promos you can take advantage of, especially if it’s not a peak season. If you’re wondering what’s in store for you, here are some helpful suggestions on what you can do besides swimming:

Get a massage by the beach

Getting a massage by the sea is like a scene right out of a travel magazine. If you want instant relaxation, all you have to do is walk along the beach and you’ll easily spot the colorful massage tents near the docks. From different types of massages to hair coloring services, these spas are all that you need to pamper yourself while on vacation.

Here is a sample of the services they offer as well as the prices:

  •       Full body massage w/ oil – P400
  •       Full body massage (dry) – P500
  •       Back massage w/ oil – P300
  •       Back massage (dry) – P400
  •       Foot and leg massage w/ oil – P250
  •       Foot and leg massage (dry) – P300
  •       Hand and arm massage w/ oil -P250
  •       Hand and arm massage (dry) – P300
  •       Head and shoulder massage – P150
  •       Manicure w/ hand massage – P200
  •       Pedicure w/ foot massage – P200
  •       Classic foot spa – P350
  •       Foot spa w/ foot massage – P500
  •      Body scrub – P1,000
  •       Body scrub w/ body massage – P1,300

You can also choose the massage huts farthest from the port for a more secluded and quieter atmosphere. If you want more privacy and exclusivity, Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa has similar services but with a higher price.


Watch the stunning sunrise and sunset

Another thing that you shouldn’t miss in Sabang is watching the sunrise and sunset. The best time to catch the sunrise is between 5 and 6 in the morning while you can catch the sunset at around 5 pm.

Witnessing the sunrise and sunset in Sabang will leave you in awe. The scenery, the rolling waves and the mist rising from the sea makes the whole experience even better.

Just make sure you grab your camera before you head out  because it will surely be worth a snapshot!


Achieve inner clarity with beach yoga

Yoga is a meditative exercise that has a lot of health benefits. But doing yoga by the beach has more advantages than regular indoor yoga.

Since sand is an uneven surface, it requires a steadier balance and will therefore strengthen even your secondary muscles. The tranquility also helps in meditation and overall relaxation.

The fresh unpolluted air of Sabang is ideal for improving metabolism and increasing the production of feel-good hormones. Lastly, exposure to sunlight lets your body absorb vitamin D that’s  good for your bones.


Get a gorgeous tan

Nacpan Beach (Photo by: Aleah Taboclaon of Solitary Wanderer)

A tan is possibly one of the best souvenirs from a trip. Take advantage of a healthy dose of vitamin D by sunbathing along Sabang beach. Just make sure you avoid the harmful rays by 10am – 2pm which are the hottest times of the day. The best time to sunbathe is from 7am – 9am and it’s also an energizing way to start your day.


Have a quiet picnic

A great way to pass time and appreciate the beauty of Sabang is by having a picnic by the beach. The market is full of fresh seafood and produce for you to take advantage of. The best spot for a picnic would be at the far end of the beach near Mary’s Cottages since this is away from the crowds in the docking area. You must, however, make sure that you have everything you need before going there since it’s a long walk from the convenience stores. Of course, this won’t be a problem if you’re staying at Mary’s Cottages.


Take some artsy photographs

Kayangan LakeKayangan Lake (Photo by: Aleah Taboclaon of Solitary Wanderer)

Photos are a great way to document the awesome time you are having at Sabang. So let your artistic side take over as you snap pictures of the wonderful view of the Sleeping Giant just opposite the beach or the carabao that transports tourists around the area.


Try surfing or skimboarding

Depending on the time of year or if there’s a monsoon, the waves in Sabang can get big enough for it to accommodate surfing. If you want to try this, bring your own surfboard since there’s no surfing outfitters in Sabang as of this writing.


Watch the release of turtle hatchlings

If you’re lucky you might chance upon the release of turtle hatchlings at Daluyon Beach Resort.

Sabang doesn’t just have the Underground River, the beach has a lot to offer its visitors, too. With these helpful tips, your time spent in Sabang will be all worthwhile without a second wasted.


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