My S’mores Cupcakes

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I have been wanting to buy a kitchen torch for I want to try baking any type of s’mores goodies, and my sister-in-law gladly volunteer to buy it for me. And she did! Oh well, that was months ago, September to be exact, and this is just the first time I have used it in my baked goodies.

multi purpose torchThank you, sister-in-law!

Finally, I got to try making s’mores cupcakes!

Actually, I made one before… mini ones, but I don’t consider it s’mores until I get to fire-roast the marshmallows. Isn’t it what s’mores is all about?

bonzworld s'mores

This is just a simple s’mores cupcake for me, I have yet to create the next level s’mores cupcakes. I want to call it my ‘Ultimate S’mores Cupcakes’…. Ahhhh, s’mores!

Originally, s’mores is consists of graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolates. I made this cupcake with graham batter, a graham cracker cupcake. Frosted it with marshmallow fluff, then torched it with my kitchen torch.  Actually, I thought of glazing the top of the cupcake, without the frosting yet, with chocolate ganache, but I didn’t do it.  And now, I regret to say that I should have done it.  I should have glazed it with chocolate ganache. Haha.


s'mores by mixer

I don’t think that it would hurt to add more graham in this cupcake, so I grabbed several pinches of crushed graham biscuits and sprinkle them on top of the toasted marshmallow fluff.

Lastly, topping it off with chocolate ganache drizzle.  I should have glazed it more chocolate ganache!  I can’t let this go. Haha.

As for my ‘Ultimate S’mores Cupcake’, I plan to pump up more chocolate in it and take it to the next level so it can really be called ULTIMATE.

I’ll share the recipe next time, ok? I think the recipe I got still needs some tweaking…


yummy s'mores


Mommy Bonz