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Fashion is said to be a popular practice in wearing clothes, accessories, foot wear and make ups. It might be an overrated word, but I can definitely say that everyone are still very attentive in each and everyone’s clothing style.

AmandaDress can help you create the style you want to show off in any formal occasion.  They offer stylish collection from top to toe, including accessories.  Formal events can ask for many different fashion trends. They can ask for cocktail or short dresses, or the long evening ones.


amanda dress long

In these, styles can vary too. You can go for sexy formal style or, wanting to go for a lace style.  Simply pick what really appeals to your kind of fashion.  You can check out the AmandaDress for a wide collection of formal dresses here,

In their collection, those lace dresses looks so appealing to me.  Let’s just say a long lace dress is a weakness for me, particularly this blue lace dress. It’s so stunningly elegant.


blue lace dress

You can find this dress, if you search for Cheap Lace Formal Dresses Australia.

Now, if you’re into short and cocktail dresses, AmandaDress offers them as well. Just like the long formal ones, they have an array of collection of these elegant short formal dresses.


amanda dress short

Accessories are never left when it comes to completing your ‘Formal Outfit of the Day’.  Or else, your whole ensemble will look incomplete. Make sure your accessories will liven up your whole style.  If your dress is already on a plain style, it is better to go for a splash of color when it comes to picking up your shoes or your hand bag.  If your outfit has already a lively style or colors, better to tone down your accessories to avoid too much going on on your whole outfit.  Less is more is always applicable.

amanda accessories
For me, fashion can come in different styles or concepts, and in different costs. Just because an apparel is labeled cheap, it doesn’t mean it can not do justice to your own personal style. Most of the time, you are just paying for the names of the brand than just the product.  Well, that’s my opinion.  Also, it is your own fashion and you can flaunt it in anyway you can, labeled fashion or not.


Mommy Bonz