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Basic Fashion Tip: Mix & Match!


Creating your day-to-day look may seem easy, but once you realize that you have already exhausted all your clothes in your closet, you may need to use the oldest technique in the fashion industry to create your fabulous day-to-day style.  It is time to MIX & MATCH!

One’s ensemble starts with a few key pieces: tops and bottoms or a one-piece dress, shoes and accessories.  You can check out StyleWe for each key clothing pieces, including bags and accessories.  Visit it to see their wide variety of fashion choices.

If you’re putting together top and bottom style, it’s okay to mix, and then find the match. Here are a few basic mix and match tips you can easily follow to create your own signature mix and match outfit of the day.

  • Less is more. One important rule that I have learned when it comes to mixing up the clothes I will wear for the day. Creating simple style available in your wardrobe is already stylish. Stop adding key pieces in your already key pieces.
  • Plain on top, with designs on bottom.  Yup, this is plain to read. If you’re planning to wear any plain colored top, you can wear any bottom piece with designs as what your heart desires. 😉style we crew neck top
  • With designs on top, and plain bottom piece. This is the opposite option for the clothing tip above. You can wear any top with designs, stripes, plaid, crazy shapes, as long as your bottom clothing piece stays plain.
    style we fuschia sweater
  • Consult the color wheel. When it comes to matching up colors in your clothing pieces, it is best to consult the color wheel. The color wheel shows which colors compliments with each other. This is the same with your clothing colors… and don’t forget your foot wear too!

    (photo from
  • Confused? Go black and white. There are times that we might lose confidence in the clothes we are planning to wear, and if this is the case, let your confusion stop right there. The answer is simple: JUST GO BLACK & WHITE!


These are just simple tips that can be easily remembered when doing your very own OOTD (Outfit of the Day). And if you want everything to be complete, you can also do a hairstyle make over! Try these 8 Trendy Hairstyles for Women with Short Hair as you complete your whole style!


Mommy Bonz