My All-Time Straight Hair

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Women with straight hair are said to be the more serious type and would always mean business, and having a hair style such as that makes me realize that it might be true.  Haha!  I have been wearing straight hair since birth and I suppose… oh well, I am one serious gal.

straight hair


I love seeing girls who wears wavy or curly hair dos, and honestly I would love to sport that kind of hairstyle since college days.  So, when I had a chance to treat my hair for a curly do, it didn’t work out the way I wanted to.  The curls just lasted for about one hour!!!  So, what I did was to use a lot of hair spray just to hold those curls in place!


If I have known that there are available curly human hair wigs back in the day, I would have get one for myself.  It would have been an easy fix for a stubborn straight hair like mine, not that I’m complaining… I super love my straight hair.  I’m thinking it would be a great to use for all those times I get invited to be part of my all my friends’ entourages in their wedding ceremonies.

I tell you, I’m liking this kind of curly hair.


Also, it would be a one time expense, just buying one hair wig rather than going to a salon having your hair done for the event can be quite stressful not just to your pocket but to your hair as well.  Your hair will not be too exposed from harmful chemicals as stylists style your hair.


It is well and good to get our hair styled and done once in a while but by doing so we must remember need to take care of  our golden locks also.  It is still best to wear natural hair all day every day.


Mommy Bonz