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Fifty Cents: Being A Frugal Mom


Lots of us think that saving money, keeping to a budget and not splashing out is boring but the simple fact is with just a few lifestyle changes your bank balance won’t be the only thing that’s healthier!


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Homemade Meals


Every year millions of Americans are diagnosed with obesity, diabetes and heart problems because they’ve chosen convenience over nutrition. Processed food isn’t just full of salt, fat and tons of sugar but it’s also not that tasty when you compare it to a fresh salad, vegetable lasagne or homemade peach cobbler. Cooking from scratch doesn’t just save money on take-out, restaurant meals, and fast food but it’ll also reawaken your taste buds as to what decent, wholesome food tastes like. Why not get the whole family involved? Kids love trying new things and we can think of nothing better than making healthy pitta pizzas!

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Let Me Entertain You


While there’s nothing wrong with the occasional trip to the movies or after dinner tv show you don’t want to get into the habit of being couch potatoes. There’s a lot of free, or discounted fun to be had out there from running, hiking, playing in the park, going to the library, getting messy in the kitchen or garden and taking your dog to the beach. Not only are all these actives good for our minds and bodies they’re much cheaper than a family combo popcorn bucket at the cinema! Less screen time also means less electricity being used, which in turn, gives you more money at the end of the month. Want to save even more? Solar panels are cool, environmentally friendly and you can get them for free plus solar maintenance is super easy and will give you hours of sustainable energy!

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Chemical Brothers


Do you know how much household cleaner, face moisturizer or cooking oil costs? Naturally, products loaded with chemicals and additives are more expensive than those which use natural ingredients such as e-cover. Coconut is also a fantastic beauty buy, it lasted for ages and you can use it to clean your hair, as a lip balm, body lotion and alternative to perfume. Not only will you look and feel gorgeous but you’re saving money and doing your bit for the environment at the same time!

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Simple Living Is Best


So many of us struggle from paycheck to paycheck because we’ve been fooled into thinking we need the latest designer goods. Despite two global recessions consumerism is higher than ever, credit card debt affects one in ten and people are having to choose between paying their gas bill or buying food for their children. Try to avoid having, or using a credit card as while it appears to be the easy solution those costs soon mount up and then you’re stuck with a huge store card bill. Put aside a certain amount of money every month, so you know that if anything does happen you’ve got a financial cushion. Show your kids that there’s more to life than a new pair of trainers, or having the entire set of new Power Rangers action figures by spending real quality time with them.


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