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The Essentials Of The Perfect Guest Room



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When we welcome guests into our home, we want them to feel comfortable and at ease, first and foremost. For many hosts, the idea that their house guests might feel on edge is unthinkable. So we offer them drinks, we give them fresh, fluffy towels, and we let them take control of the television remote. But the bedroom they will sleep in is the biggest factor in deciding their comfort levels. Privacy and space are essential, but the decor will also have an impact. If your guest room could do with a little bit of TLC, here are some ways you’re guaranteed to bring the comfort factor to the next level.



A subtle color scheme

The color scheme has a surprising impact on how relaxing a room can feel. Bright colors are invigorating, whereas more subtle and muted colors tend to have a more calming effect. For any bedroom, whether it’s for children, guests, or yourself, neutral or muted colors are best. Whether you go for whites and grays, or you prefer warming beiges and creams, the effect is the same. It also gives a great base to build on with accessories and colorful fabrics and patterns.



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A super comfy bed

The furniture of a guest room is essential. The bed should be as high quality as you’d personally want – after all, you want your guest to have a great night’s sleep. When you’re furnishing your guest room, buying furniture online is one of the options. Be sure to check dimensions closely, as without seeing it in person, you want to know it’ll fit. One amazing bed option for guest rooms is the single bed, with a second single bed stored beneath. When this second bed is erected, you have the option of a double room or a twin room, making the space far more flexible for your guest’s needs.


Clear from clutter

In many homes, the guest bedroom becomes synonymous with the storage room. That’s all well and good, if you never have any guests. But when people come to stay, it’s important that they feel that the room is their own. If you do need to use the space for storage, keep it hidden away, and preferably in only one small area of the room – you want the overriding sense of the room to be comfort, not clutter.


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A few homely touches

Beautiful art, fluffy towels, a glass of water and some good books on the bedside table, and a few pretty houseplants are all it takes to make the room feel homely, rather than sterile.


A little bit of storage space

Finally, you want your guests to feel at home, which doesn’t mean living out of their suitcase. A small wardrobe in which they can hang their belongings really can be the difference between feeling settled and feeling transient – you could even build it yourself. A mirror and a shelf for skincare products, and even a small shoe rack, can allow someone to really feel at home in their surroundings.
Comfort and a few homely touches is all it takes to make a guest room feel like the perfect home from home.


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