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Calling All Moms: It’s Time For Some Glamour In The Bedroom



Bedrooms aren’t just for sleeping. They’re also about passion. But during the course of life, many of us forget about this aspect of our bedrooms, and they become neglected.


The great thing about choosing a glamorous bedroom design is that it allows you to be really adventurous. No more neutral colors and white emulsion walls: glamming up your bedroom is a chance to experiment. From French-style furniture to dark and moody colors, there are dozens of ways to glam up your bedroom. Let’s take a look.


Choose Rich Accent Colours




If your room is neutral – which is very common among attic bedrooms – then start off by experimenting with accent colors. Try changing the color of the bed sheets to a bold red or purple. Bright colors will contrast well with neutral colors in the rest of the room, injecting some passion into otherwise dreary surroundings.

Introduce French-Style Furniture


France has always been a country that has been associated with romance, whether it’s French lingerie, the Eiffel tower or just a hunky French accent. An excellent way to include a bit of this passion in your bedroom is to add French furniture, especially if you prefer neutral colors. French-style furniture has passion in its DNA, immediately giving your room a lift.


Choose An Elegant Bed


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Some beds, like the luxury beds by Cuckooland, can totally change the atmosphere of the bedroom, immediately transforming the bed from a dull bystander to the main event. Start off by keeping your eyes peeled for something exciting. Four-poster beds are great, but if you don’t have space for one of those, any bed with an attractive design will do. Next, cover the bed with elegant bedlinen. Embroidered bed linens always help to make a bedroom feel more sensual. Finally, polish the whole scene off with mood lighting and drapes behind the bedstead.


Add A Grand Headboard


Most people will use wallpaper to make a statement in their bedroom. But the problem with wallpaper is that it doesn’t have any depth. A much better (and more expensive) idea is to build a grand headboard that’ll act as a focus for the entire room. The headboard can be nearly the height of the ceiling and adorned with elegant patterns.


Use More Gold


Gold has been used to evoke a sense of opulence since ancient times, thanks to its rarity. But unlike in the olden days, there’s no need to use real gold in modern bedrooms. Artificial colors will generate the same effect and help to create a grown-up look. The great thing about gold is that it works well when layered. Aim for different shades of gold for the bed spread, the cushions, the flooring and the walls. You’ll be surprised by just how sophisticated it looks.


Build Up The Drama With Venetian Style




Venice is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world, thanks to its stunning location and incredible culture. As a result, one great way to glam up your bedroom is to import some of Venice’s unique style. Try experimenting with purple satin sheets and wood panelling for a contemporary boudoir appeal.


Mommy Bonz