Get The Most Out Of Your Small Bathroom

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If most of us could ask one thing of our homes, it would probably be that they were a little on the larger side. You don’t often get many people who say they wish their house was smaller, or that they have too many rooms at their disposal. Usually, the vast majority of us are always looking for innovative ways to make the most of what little space we have. Of course, when we are struggling to cope with the lack of space in our house or apartment, it can be tempting to look back at when we were buying it and think ‘why didn’t I just get somewhere bigger?’. But more often than not, you don’t realise just how much space you need until you are living in the property itself. Your personal situation may have also changed – for example; you may have had children since you moved in and now you are struggling to accommodate for all their toys and personal items too. However, there are things you can do to increase the space in nearly every room in your house, including the one that’s often forgotten about: the bathroom. Your bathroom can easily end up feeling cramped and messy, which doesn’t make it a particularly nice place to bathe. Here’s what you can do to strip it back and make it work for you, whatever size it is.

Ditch the bath

The clue is in the name when it comes to the bathroom – but how many of us honestly have regular baths these days? It is far more common for people to shower, and even when they do take a bath, it is seen as a treat or for a special occasion. With this in mind, weigh up just how important your bath is for you. That thing can take up a lot of space, and if it’s not worth much to you, it can be worth replacing it with a single shower unit instead. You can find shower enclosures to suit any bathroom, and you can easily hang shower caddies over the door for practical storage.


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Install a corner sink

A freestanding sink can easily disrupt the one lane of traffic in an already tight bathroom. Don’t simply follow the crowd and think that you have to have a pedestal sink – corner sinks can be a great way to utilise the space in a small bathroom, and they look pretty funky too. Opt for one with drawers attached or a cupboard underneath, so you don’t even need a separate vanity cabinet.

Get handy with shelving

If you like pampering yourself every now and again, chances are you might have a whole array of products in various baskets on the bathroom floor or taking up precious space in your tiny vanity. Move these onto the walls with some stylish shelving, or even extend your countertop to go around the back of the toilet. These surfaces can also be great for adding accessories and decorations on, as there’s no reason why even the tiniest of bathrooms can’t look stylish.


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