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Becoming The Interior Designer And The Engineer


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Every homeowner has big dreams for their house at some point. You look at certain rooms and imagine all the ways you’d change things if only you had the time or money to do so. Perhaps the one thing that stops you from ever giving a home renovation project a whirl is the realization that you’re no construction worker and you’d have no idea where to begin when it comes to turning interior design ideas into a reality.
Despite your own self-doubts, there’s no reason you couldn’t be the architect and the engineer. You already have the blueprints in your mind; you know what you’d want to do if you were to dabble in the world of interior design, but now you just need the guts to give it a go. Unless you’re building a house from the foundations up, you’ll probably surprise yourself in that you’re far more qualified to renovate your home than you realize. Here are some tips and ideas to help you with the task of reinventing and rebuilding your home.



The kitchen is the centerpiece of any home.

When in doubt, start with the kitchen. A paint job can make the world of difference when it comes to giving this area a new lease of life. A fresh coat of paint on the cabinets and perhaps a sleek new white coat on the walls could really freshen up this space; white is always a smart color choice because it’ll reflect the natural light streaming in through the windows and brighten up the entire room. It doesn’t take a professional to do that; it just takes somebody with a vision and the determination to spend a weekend working on sprucing up the place.


Fix all the things you can fix.

Whilst it’s true that some jobs may be too technical or too risky for somebody without proper training to attempt to repair, the task of fixing many of the things which have become broken or worn out around your house over the years is probably well within your capabilities. You could look into getting yourself a cordless screwdriver to help speed up the process because a manual screwdriver might be a little slow for the huge task of renovating your house.


But with the magic of the internet, especially given the birth of YouTube DIY tutorials, you’ve basically got access to a resource which can give you a step-by-step guide to fixing pretty much anything you can think of around your home. Broken shelves, cabinets, and even the leaky faucet in the bathroom sink can all be fixed with a big of determination and patience. In fact, there’s nothing to say you couldn’t put up your own shelving unit or fit your own sink.
Remember the garden.

A final piece of advice is to include the garden in your renovation plan. You might become so focused on sprucing up the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom that you forget you have a magnificent outdoor space which is part of your home too. Don’t neglect the garden because this area could really add some character to your house if you put some time into its design. A cozy patio area complete with cushioned chairs and a barbecue zone could really transform your garden.

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