Don’t Buy A New Kitchen! Fix The Old One

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Having a dated kitchen can get a bit frustrating. It’s a room that we spend a lot of time in and when it starts to look a bit rough around the edges you’ll be itching for an update. The problem is, having a new kitchen fitted could cost you thousands and we don’t all just have that kind of money lying around. Getting a completely new kitchen isn’t an option, so what can you do? Decorate and accessorize. With a few carefully chosen additions to your kitchen, you can completely revitalize it at a fraction of the cost of a brand new one.


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A kitchen can start to look dull if the paint is fading and the walls are bare. It’s amazing what a quick coat of paint can do to a room. Getting rid of that flaking paint and replacing it with an interesting colour can make the kitchen look stylish, with fairly little effort. You could also consider wallpapering some of the walls in a bright pattern to spice things up a bit. Any tiled areas should also be looked at; the grout in-between the tiles will discolour after a while and start to look really grotty. Giving it a good clean out and replacing the grout will make the tiles look brand new again.


Once you have decorated, why not put up some pictures on the walls to make things look a bit less bare. You can pick up cheap canvas paintings from most craft stores and they’ll go a long way on a blank wall.


Accessories And Appliances


The reason that your kitchen is looking dated might be a result of the appliances that you have in there. Updating a few of the cheaper ones can help no end. Kitchen sink taps start to get a bit worn after a while. They’ll lose their shine and build up limescale around the spout. Replacing them with a modern set will improve the look of your kitchen immediately. If you’ve had the same kitchen for a while, try choosing a more modern style to bring it up to date a little bit.


Another appliance that can really ruin the aesthetic of a kitchen is the microwave. Those old, clunky white ones look awful. As soon as you see one in a kitchen, it automatically makes it look dated. They aren’t too expensive, so why not replace it with a slick, modern looking silver one?




Some people consider updating their kitchen because it is not functional anymore. For example, if you have since started a family, the old kitchen might not be equipped for that many people. That doesn’t mean that you need to build an extension or get a whole new kitchen fitted. You can clear some of that clutter out by putting in some nice shelving. If you want to minimize costs, find some old reclaimed wood and refinish it, then the only thing you’ll need to pay for is some brackets to put it up on the wall.


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