How I Wear My Maxi Dress… And Read Other Tips Too!

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Mission Maxi Dress Pattern
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Maxi dresses are now my latest staple style.  Maxi dresses are very refreshing especially during summer days, which has recently ended, and now we are experiencing our wet season.  Though we know that maxi dresses are preferably worn during summer season, they are now one of the go-to-all-year-round-style, and I am into them now. ?

FashionMia offers, not only maxi dresses but also those trendy shift dresses… oh, I would love to have one of those.  They have cocktail dresses and evening dresses, just check them out online.

Now, how do we wear our maxi dress? I would like to share some of my style tips when I wear a maxi dress.

  1. Wear with an unexpected footwear. I love wearing my black and blue maxi dress with my gray sneakers. If I have a white footwear, I would definitely partner those white kicks with the dress too!
  2. Accessorize.  Jewelries to accentuate is a must. We could wear necklaces, long or shorter ones, to add style. Earring designs are also noted, but has to consider your hair style.  Your bag will fall on this category too.
  3. Add a belt, or any waist defining accessory. I always wear something around my waist whenever I wear my maxi dress.
  4. Layering with other clothing pieces. To make it more bold, and you would like to really stand out, try to experiment your maxi dress with other clothing pieces. I love adding blazer or cardigans just to mix it up during cold weather.

Those are my own styling tips. I hope you found them helpful. So, aside from these tips, it would also be great to share more styling tips I found all over the internet.

  • Less is more.  This has always been a great styling tip in the fashion world.  Better to show off a couple of your key pieces, while others stay minimal.
  • Accessories should be in bright colors.  If you love neutral colors when it comes to your clothing, make sure you got bright-colored accessories to accentuate those neutral ones.
  • Mix and Match. Don’t be afraid to mix and match the clothes in your closet.  You’ll never know that your basic pieces can match with other prints and patterns.

I’m sure that these tips does not only apply to wearing your maxi dress, these tips are definitely applicable to all fashion styles.

Happy styling!


Mommy Bonz