Clean Water With Little Chlorine

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One of the things that you likely put in your pool to keep it clean is chlorine. However, this chemical can cause skin irritations, make the eyes red and is harmful to the environment if it gets on the ground. There are several alternatives to chlorine that are safer for both the family and the environment while still giving you the clear pool that you desire.


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A popular alternative is salt water. When added in just the right amounts, it can make the pool seem like you’re swimming in the ocean, but it won’t give the water a cloudy appearance that some oceans have. A salt water pool will use the salt to generate the chlorine needed to keep the pool clean and sanitized but without irritating the skin and eyes. There is a filter that the salt runs through that produces the chlorine that the water needs without the chemical compounds. It’s less expensive to use salt, and you won’t notice a strong smell that you would from the chlorine that you would normally use in a pool.


Consider an ozone generator as one of the chrlorine pool alternatives in Michigan if you’re looking for a way to keep your pool clean without a lot of added chemicals. It does rely on chlorine, but it will break down the chemicals and other components in the pool, such as sunscreen and even urine. The ozone in the pool reduces the amount of chlorine that is needed to break down the debris in the water.


Shock treatments are rather popular. You can get them without chlorine, and they do the same job as those that have the chemical in them. The shock treatment oxidizes the pollutants that are in the water in a short time. The shock treatment does need another type of sanitation product, but it will reduce the amount of chlorine that is used in the water. The sunlight aids the shock treatment by oxidizing the pollutants faster. The non-chlorine tablets are ideal for indoor pools that don’t see as much sunlight so that there isn’t as much chlorine used. SoftSwim is also an option and leaves the water softer so that it won’t irritate the eyes and skin while swimming.


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