Home Renovations for the Health and Beauty Addict

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Admittedly, home renovation, health and beauty don’t tend to be discussed in the same conversation, let alone the same sentence. But believe it or not, there are a number of ways that the structure of the home that you live in can have profound effects on your personal well-being and appearance. No matter what brand of makeup you use, what kind of cleaning regimen you follow, or how many glasses of water you may drink a day, you won’t be able to achieve your finest form until you’ve made some of these simple changes to your home. So, get reading, start researching and begin planning! It won’t be long until you’re looking picture perfect in the home of your dreams.


Things to Bear in Mind


Before making any major changes to your home, remember to get some professional advice first. No matter how confident you may be in your own DIY skills, you could accidentally damage a supporting wall, beam, or cause damage to water pipes, gas pipes, or electrical circuits. Not only would this prove detrimental to your overall property, but it could be dangerous in terms of your own health and well-being too. Collaborate with a reliable, recommended group such as The Renovation Company for safe and aesthetically pleasing results.


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More Natural Light


Now, we all know that we should protect ourselves from the sun’s rays. While most of us tend to take more heed of this in sunnier, hotter months or locations, it’s important that we bear this information year round. Sun damage can have terrible effects on your skin and overall well-being. However, that being said, you still want to ensure that you get a certain amount of natural light in your life. Firstly, natural light can help to regulate our sleep-wake cycle. If we live as close to natural light patterns as possible, we will be able to nod off earlier at night and rise early in the morning at dawn. This improvement in the way that we sleep can have intense health benefits that will show on your face. Too little sleep can cause dehydrated skin, which often leads to redness and breakouts. It can also cause dark circles and puffiness. So, ensure that your home gets as much natural light as possible! How? Well, you can always look into adding French doors between your living space and your back garden, or ceiling to floor sliding doors. This essentially opens up a larger space, allowing more light through the glass. Alternatively, you could have skylights fitted on ceilings that lead to an exterior wall.




Proper ventilation can greatly improve the air quality in your home. Have your home’s air quality tested and you can monitor the before and after results to see for yourself! Remember that you spend around 80% of your time indoors and a lot of this time is spent in your home. You only want to be breathing in the purest and freshest air possible. So say goodbye to stale, humid, contaminated air and have a ventilation system installed as soon as possible.


These are just two areas that you can focus on. There are plenty more options out there. Always keep a lookout for places that you can improve your lifestyle and living space for the benefit of your health and beauty.

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