Find A Home Abroad Easily On A Budget

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Homes really are an investment for life. If you’re a bit of wanderer, you might be itching to leave the place you’re in now and explore the world. So the time has come, either for you to move on out on your own, or to move on up with a new home. Hopefully you can find a good and cheap place in your own home neighbourhood, but a lot of the time that isn’t going to happen. Don’t get disheartened, look into the options you have a little further overseas; yes, it may be better for your budget to live abroad.

Budgets keep us from doing a lot of things, but with a little practice and time, they don’t need to! Especially when it comes to taking a holiday, or even living with a little comfort. When you take into account all of the essentials for each month for maybe the 1000th time in the row, you become an old hat at accomplishing the things you want to do. With that in mind, let’s see some inexpensive living accommodations.




For Summer Vacations?

Even if you’re happy with the permanent base at home you have now, that doesn’t mean you can’t be tempted by a home abroad! A lot of us dream about it, waking up to sunny shores and the sounds of waves in a warm climate; making those dreams a reality doesn’t have to take too much. If you’re looking for a little time away from home on a cheap budget that means you don’t have to fork out for hotels for all the family, and be charged for food and gas expenses on top of that, it could be an idea to invest in a place abroad.

Whilst it can get a little bit pricey, and you’ll need to make sure you know how to keep up with all the administrative efforts as well, such as keeping your facilities on tap and any bills passing through your mailbox instantly. Just because you’re not in your summer home doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! Yet, the amount of money you could save would more than enough make up for it.

Consider whether you’d get enough use out of a summer home and then look into your options. You could rent out your new home when it isn’t in use, as long as you pick an area that’s heavy with tourist traffic.


Head Out to New Zealand

New Zealand is a landscape worthy of the Gods, and there’s a reason all of the best fantasy series are filmed here. There’s plenty of free activities on offer, and that means many tourists and expats move out here for the experiences that everyone can partake in.

Whilst New Zealand may be a bit expensive to try out alone, having two incomes brought into your household as part of a family or as a couple can make it a lot easier. It’s also a great place to rent out a summer home if you decide to purchase one, with about 3.2 million people deciding to take the southern plunge each year, and plenty of New Zealand hotels can really rack up the price.

Some of the great bonuses about big cities such as Wellington is that everything is close enough to each other for a walkable distance, and that makes car and gas prices a hell of a lot easier to navigate. Similarly, the food is just as inexpensive. For a good night in, takeaways are relatively cheap, only costing about NZ$10, so those family nights in could become a lot cheaper to try out!


Try Out Apartments In Indonesia

First of all, Indonesia is a beautiful place to wake up to every morning. A lot of people immigrate here because of that fact alone, but also because the cost of living isn’t pricey at all. However, going on vacation to Indonesia will rack up the costs when it comes to booking hotels, with a lot of them not being rated any less than 3 stars. Sharing accommodation prices is often the trick to keeping the price astronomically low, but if you can manage it, you can choose to pay outright.

With popular districts such as South Jakarta, there’s plenty of living space to go around, and investing here can give you quite a good return in terms of your facilities. You can start to get to grips with the language, and there are many in Indonesia, with advertising boards like that of Some of the best deals will come at a local level, and there’s quite a few residential neighbourhoods for you to look into.


Poke Around in Portugal

Europe has a lot of places that are cheap to live in, but when it comes to finding street food prices at a market level, try out Portugal. Monthly rent may add up to about $500 dollars or lower in the normal residential areas, and be over €1000 in the more expensive areas, so make sure you know the areas you’re thinking about moving into and explore your options. Utilities per month come at an average of about $60, leaving plenty of your budget left over for a little exploring and some great experiences!

Portugal is an historic city, and that makes it a great place to live for anyone on a degree program or with culture on the brain; it was the centre of Europe’s Age of Discovery, and that gives it a pretty colorful background!

Portugal is also a good place to live for the health benefits: due to the amount of sun exposure the country gets, your vitamin D won’t ever suffer from staying indoors, and then there’s the fact that Spain is just next door: you can even check distance with sites like! This makes it all good for family living! It’s an incredibly friendly place, full of diverse language ability, so there’s something for everyone here regardless of their skill level.


Take a Trip to Thailand

Thailand is a popular gap year destination, so you already know it’s a tourist hotspot of the world and could be a great place to establish a summer home. But it’s also a great place to decide to settle down in, especially the more historical areas of the country. They offer more to do, more people to see, and the quietness you want from owning or renting your first home abroad.

Finding a new home in Thailand is one of the cheapest moves you could make, and that isn’t meant badly. Cities like that of Chiang Mai are great for all sorts of couples from around the world, whether they be first time buyers, volunteer groups, or retirees. It’s affordable, and you can survive on about $1000 a month, but you might need a little more to afford the highlights.

The food is also a great highlight, with anyone who has been coming away with only positive things to say about it; if you don’t consider yourself much of a cook, remember that the street food here is always on your side. Be sure to take an interest in the culture and language of the region, as it’s tucked away and you’re not guaranteed to find someone who knows English. However, after taking the time to live in a different country, picking up the language becomes incredibly easy.


Find a Nook in Nepal

Nepal is an Eastern country that’s sandwiched between the two biggest countries in the world, China and India, which both have their own cultures and spirituality to immerse yourself in. That means that Nepal is a brand of it’s own, and is a hub of activity.

It’s one of the cheapest places to live on this list, as average rent even for a 1 bedroom apartment is only about $90. You can even get internet for less than $20, making that home online business a lot easier to run when it comes to expenses! Sticking down your roots in a foreign country really can make your opportunities a whole let better for you.

Nepal has been popular with students for years, so if you’re younger and looking to set out alone or with a friend, this could be a great place for you. Mountains and deep banks make for a varied landscape, so there’s plenty of opportunity for trying out that snowboarding hobby you’ve always secretly thought you’d be good at!

When it comes to becoming an expat, there’s some good and bad decisions to make; yet one of the best is to find inexpensive places to live. You can make all the mistakes a tourist does knowing you have the ability to retire home at the end of the day, into your own space with all your family. When your home country starts putting up its prices, and moving into a city becomes impossible on a student or low income budget, turn abroad for bigger and better opportunities.


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