Cheaper Way to Upgrade Your House… Remodel!

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Renovating a home is undoubtedly a major project, so why do people do it? Why go through the expense and upheaval of redoing a home? Though it is a big job, a home remodel can be a great way to add real value to a home, improve the look and feel of the entire house, and enjoy the feeling of living in a “new” place, without having to give up all the advantages of the neighborhood you love being in. Planned well, a good remodel, which can include everything from an attic renovation to a master bedroom and spa bathroom build-out, can add real value to a home. All this can happen, without the upheaval and hassle of moving to a new place (which will always have a few problems of its own).


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So, how does a remodel actually happen?

The homeowner needs to think about what areas of the home they really want to change, and whether they can budget for a major overhaul (like a bathroom or kitchen redo), or if they want to do a cosmetic improvement, like choosing new wall colors and flooring and carpeting. A home remodel can be financed by taking out a home equity loan if the homeowner does have equity in their house, and this can be a wise financial move if the loan is acquired at a low interest rate. A good remodel will add value to a home, so it can be a win-win move the whole way.

Looking For a Great Contractor

In the past finding a reputable contractor could be challenging for those not in the construction industry. Today however, the search is much easier due to the many quality sites available online that offer listings of local contractors. These sites can be easily reviewed, as they offer samples of a contractor’s past projects as well as client reviews. Once a homeowner has found someone who seems like the right fit for their project, a free phone consultation can be arranged.

During the phone consultation, the details of the project can be discussed at length, and the contractor can offer their ideas on how best to approach the remodel. If the fit seems right, an agreement can be drawn up, and then the planning can really begin.

Why wait for that dream house to appear? Start planning that remodel, and make it happen!

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