Consider An Apartment For Your Next Family Home? Read This First

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Most people dream of being their kids up in a large house with a big garden, a white picket fence and roses around the door. In fact, it has become a bit of a stereotype of the perfect family home. However, you could be missing out on a lot of benefits if you are ignoring the option of moving your family to a flat or apartment. Read on to find out why.


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Money. The world might just be a better place if we didn’t need it for all the important things in life. Unfortunately, that era doesn’t look like it is coming anytime soon, and that means the cost of the property in which we choose to love is still a major concern for the majority of us.

In fact, that is why an apartment can be such a great choice in term of your next family home, because you may just discover that they don’t cost as much to rent or buy as the equivalent property that is set out as a house would.

The reasons for this are often complicated, but one part of it may have something to do with the fact they are usually constructed in bulk, and each unit takes fewer resources to build than a house of similar size would. This saving that is then often passed down to the new owner, and it can be quite significant. Actually, in monetary terms, it can be the difference between a good quality of life on a month to month basis in an apartment or a restricted one for the folks that choose to live in a house.



Choosing an apartment as your next family home can also be the wisest wise choice because you will often find, as in the case of these HDB flats, that such residences are built in highly desirable areas.

Living in a highly desirable area has a great many benefits including access to amenities like good shops, good schools, and easy commutes. However, finding a house in such an area can often seem like an impossible job. Especially one that is reasonably priced.


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Combine this with the fact that people often hold on to houses in this sort of area for a long time, once they have managed to find one and it can mean that the pickings are very slim.

Happily, this is where properties like flats come in. Flats being designed to create a family living environment at a reasonable price in some of the most desirable areas. Something that provides greater availability and choice for families wishing to take up residence.



If you have the idea that all flats and apartment are tiny pokey spaces, then you are dead wrong. In fact, you may find it a lot easier to find an apartment that has ample space for you and your family to live comfortably.

To help you with this, as a general rule it’s always best to look for a place that has one more bedroom than you need. That means if you have two kids that want their own rooms, you will be looking for a 4 bedroom apartment. Then there will be enough space for you to spread out and maintain your privacy, even though you haven’t got two or more floors to inhabit.

Of course, it’s vital to remember too that not all flats are single floor only. In fact, they are many different types of apartments on the market to choose from. Some are located above things other than apartment such a shop’s, garages, or business. While some know as mezzanines have two levels or an additional half level that create an added sense of space for the inhabitants.


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Also, remember that even if you do find a place that is a little smaller than you would have liked there are advantages to this too. One is that it can encourage you to have a good clear out and get rid of all that clutter that you just don’t need. Another is that there is much less surface area to clean. Something that can make a living in a smaller flat a lot more practical than in a huge rambling house with many rooms.

There are some great space-saving products on the market now too, like fold-away beds. These mean you can have all the usual facilities you would expect from a family home in a much smaller space. Something that really makes flats on the smaller side more attractive to a range of buyers including families.



Many people find an apartment a better choice for their families because of the increased security they have in comparison to other properties.

The reason for this is that as people live closer together in groups, it is much easier for them to look out for any suspicious behavior around your flat when you are not there. Something they can then notify the police of, or let you know about so you can take action.


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In addition, communities of apartments are often protected by things such as outer gates, security codes locks, and even doormen. Something that makes it incredibly difficult for those that shouldn’t be there to get in, and also provides the residents with increased peace of mind.



A much-underrated benefit of living in an apartment rather than a house is the sense of community that you can encounter there.

All too often those living in detached or even semi-detached houses are isolated from those that live by them. In fact, many people don’t even know their neighbors and apart from a curt hello if they happen to be out there cutting the grass or getting into their car at the same time each morning this situation can continue for the entire time that they live there.


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Sadly, this is something that contributes to the very modern issue of isolation and alienation that many people feel in today’s society. Something that is becoming more and more of a problem.

However, if you are looking to live in a way that is more community focused. Where you know the people next door, and those next door to that, and your kids have friends their own age they can play with living in an apartment is a good idea.

It’s all about the close quarters in which people are living, meaning they just cannot ignore each other in the same way. Combine this with the fact they have the wellbeing of the building or complex in common and this combination can bring people together more and can combat the casual isolation of modern day life.



Flexibility is another wonderful reason that many people choose to rent or buy an apartment over a house for their family home. The reason being that they are often much easier properties to rent or sell on if you decide you want to move or your circumstances change.

That makes them a great choice for families moving into a new city that is unsure whether they will be there for the long term, and are just trying out this style of life to see if it is a good fit.

It also makes them an excellent choice for families that are unsure as to whether they will have any more children, as it provides them with an adequate living environment for their current situation. Nevertheless, they also have the option of moving quickly without all the hassle of trying to put a larger home on the market. One that they may have to advertise for months before they even get a viewing.




Something that with all the other benefits of apartment livings make it easy to see why more and more families are making these types of properties their primary choice for the family home.


Mommy Bonz


  1. Sarah Bailey

    I think apartments can be great ideas for some. I lived in flats from 17 – 31 and for most of the time loved it. Sadly my health doesn’t deal with the reverberations you get from them anymore, but I do like the fact they feel more secure.

    3 weeks ago
    • Mommy Bonz

      I quite agree that living in an apartment is a great idea for some. Actually we are living in one but I still dream to have our own home with a yard. 😉

      3 weeks ago
  2. tara pittman

    I would love to live in a fancy apartment. The ones that I lived in were too noisy.

    3 weeks ago
    • Mommy Bonz

      Yes, that will be the downside from time to time. 🙂

      3 weeks ago
  3. Daria

    I like apartments, they are easier to maintain and definitely more affordable.

    3 weeks ago
  4. Carrie | Clean Eating Kitchen

    We live in an apartment at the moment. It’s not forever, but it’s great for now!

    3 weeks ago
    • Mommy Bonz

      We are too! I’m hoping to find our own home with a yard if possible. 😉

      3 weeks ago
  5. Ada

    I live in an apartment now but I’m ready to move into a house if we’re being honest. I need more space haha.

    3 weeks ago
    • Mommy Bonz

      I can relate to your dilemma. Haha! The longer we stay in our apartment, the more I need space! 😉

      3 weeks ago
  6. Ruthie Ridley

    Never was one for apartments! But these sound nice and fun!

    3 weeks ago
  7. Wendy Polisi

    I just can’t go back to an apartment. I love having all the room I need in my house!

    3 weeks ago
  8. Marissa Zurfluh

    I used to lovce my apartment. It was until I had kids that I really needed an upgrade.

    3 weeks ago
  9. Hannah Marie

    I like the idea of apartment living (no grass to mow for one) but the only thing I can’t stand is when you get stuck beside a neighbor who likes to party at all hours of the night! Other than that, I would totally move into an apartment if I lived in a big city!

    3 weeks ago
  10. Andrea

    I lived in an apartment with my 2 children for a year and there were definitely advantages! I loved not having to take care of the yard. I didn’t love being able to hear my neighbors day and night.

    3 weeks ago
    • Mommy Bonz

      Yes, I feel you. We had once had a neighbor, a couple, always fighting day in and day out. 🙁

      3 weeks ago
  11. Mommy Rockin' In Style

    Looking for a new apartment is a tedious task. But thanks to this, it looks easier than I thought.

    3 weeks ago
  12. Sheri - A Busy Bee's Life

    We have a penthouse which I much prefer to our actual house. With the house there is just so much upkeep that you only enjoy it 75% of the time.

    3 weeks ago
  13. Joanna

    I have been living in flats all my life and I have always thought about the visits to my grandma’s house was like a breath of fresh air. I am afraid I am one of the house supporters. 🙂

    2 weeks ago
  14. Linda Hobbis

    I lived in flats when I was single but it’s not something I would consider as a first choice with kids. I suppose it depends on your location though. We are close to the countryside and coast here in Wales but if we moved to London, a flat would definitely be something we’d have to consider – not least because of property prices.

    2 weeks ago
  15. corinne & kirsty

    I am not sure I would like an apartment as a family home. I love big houses too much. But I will be looking for a flat with my bf very soon so this is useful nonetheless!

    2 weeks ago
  16. Fatima Torres

    Yes, security is everything when considering a new apartment. I’ve always warned family and friends about that, and being sure they’re close to everything

    2 weeks ago
  17. Jennifer L

    I like the amenities of an apartment for sure. However, I also love my own privacy and not being so close to neighbors too. So it’s definitely depends on everyone’s lifestyle.

    2 weeks ago
  18. Aduke Schulist

    I have lived in all kinds of housing types.. I think there are a lot of good things to having an apartment. Sometimes I think about moving to a smaller place like an apartment, but then I love my big backyard and chickens.

    2 weeks ago
  19. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    I’ve tried to live in apartments and it’s so nice, affordable and easy to maintain.

    2 weeks ago
  20. Jelena

    I moved from the apartment three years ago to the house. I love what I have in my yard where I can spend a lot of flying days. The house gives me a greater sense of freedom.

    2 weeks ago

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