Creating the Bedroom of Your Dreams on a Tight Budget

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Everybody wants, no needs, a dreamy bedroom, right? More to the point, everybody deserves to have the opportunity to create the bedroom of their dreams in their home, despite any budget that may be in place to do so upon them.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can create the bedroom of your dreams when you do in fact have a tight budget to do so. To find some of these ways, read on.

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Don’t be afraid of discount stores

Bedrooms can look dreamy and high end even when they are made up of items bought at discount stores, you know. So, don’t be afraid to shop in such stores!

More to the point, when you do shop in these stores, make sure to only buy items that you know for sure are going to meet the stylistic and color scheme requirements of your room. If you don’t, discounted price or not, you will stand to waste your money. And, when budgeting, wasting money is the absolute enemy!

So, get down to your local Walmart, and get yourself a nice rug for your bedroom.


Get crafty

Getting crafty in your bedroom is one of the best things you can do if you are serious about making it the dreamiest room in your home on a budget.

When it comes to getting crafty, first of all try making yourself a headboard for your bed. By doing so you would stand yourself in a position to save on heaps of money that would otherwise have been spent on headboards (and they can get very expensive) and you’d give yourself the chance to have complete control over the style you forge.

If you want this style to be one that is sophisticated and has a distinct country feel, try getting your hands on an old door. Seriously, the headboard crafting possibilities will be endless if you do.


Seek monetary assistance

Or, if the advice above has not been enough to deter you from the desire to go big, new, stylish and professional with your bedroom redesign, then maybe it’s time you thought about extending your bedroom budget.

To do this, you should seek monetary and financial assistance that will help you to bankroll your venture. This help could come in the form of a present from those you are closest to (although you may have to wait until your birthday or even next Christmas). This could mean taking out fast personal loans so that you can get your bedroom work done now and then pay back the money you borrowed when you next get paid. Or, this could mean remortgaging your home in a bid to free up some funds within it in order to ultimately improve it. Basically, the borrowing options are endless. Just, whatever you do, make sure that if you do borrow and expand your bedroom designing budget that you are certain your bedroom is worth the money.

In order to create the bedroom of your dreams with a tight budget in place to do so you’re either going to have to source cheaper alternatives to the styles that you want, build the designs you want yourself or seek financial assistance to bankroll the venture.


Mommy Bonz