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He Needs More Iron


Remember last week when baby Matti had a short trip at a hospital’s ER? Since his pediatrician was not available during that emergency, I have decided to bring him back to his pedia yesterday for a thorough check up which will give me peace of mind.  I really like how she handles her patient and take good care of them.

I have informed her about baby Matti’s tummy issues, she checked him and assured that nothing’s wrong.  Though just to be sure, she requested for a CBC, extraction of blood, to check some infection issues.  We went to the clinic’s laboratory to have his blood extracted, the little took it so bravely.  He did cried but at the end of the extraction and we are about to step out of the laboratory.  We waited for the result and just to be bothered with how low his hemoglobin count is.  I have a feeling that the blood result means he is anemic.

This was confirmed when we stepped inside the doctor’s office again and she read the result.  Of course, she prescribed an iron supplement, Ferlin, increased dosage to his regular vitamin, EnerA Plus, and prescribed a formula milk to give more iron supplement to my anemic Matti.

Matti vitamins

She explained that breast milk doesn’t have enough iron to supply the growing needs of my soon-to-be turning one son.  So supplying him iron supplement everyday will help fight anemia.  Also, with the help of a formula milk too.  Honestly, I don’t have anything against formula milk but, for me, I prefer to give him fresh milk than a formula milk.  I will just give him iron supplement as prescribed by his pedia and increase iron intake when feeding him solid foods.  I will try not to give him formula for the mean time.

So, today is the start of his increased dosage of multi-vitamins and additional iron supplement.  These vitamins will given given everyday.  But if he’ll be experiencing constipation because of the iron supplement, as prescribed by the doctor, he can drink the iron supplement every other day.





Sigh, you’re just like mommy… I am anemic since I was a kid.


Remember about my blog entry regarding his crying just like his sister, well, it didn’t happen that way.  Thank God. ^_^

After three early nights of crying before settling to sleep, the new routine has been broken on the fourth day.  He went to sleep without getting fuzzy.  He just wanted my milk and drifted off to sleep.

I thought we will be experiencing baby’s crying moments again.  So far, he’s been a good boy because he’s not crying a lot like other babies.

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Just Like His Sister


As my baby Matti turns 3-month old last Saturday, his sister’s routine when she was one-month old to three became his new routine also.  Crying at 6pm. 🙁

I remember when Little Zoie turned 1-week old her crying routine started.  She’s not in pain, she’s not hungry, she’s not cold, I don’t know what’s happening but she keeps on crying at that time and keeps on crying for almost or, sometimes, more than an hour.  My in-laws said that she’s just releasing extra energy she had during the day.  I don’t know if it is true but her crying stopped when she was almost three months old.

This is Matti’s 3rd night of crying with no reason at all, and I’m beginning to think he’s acquired what his sister is used to do during her early stages of infancy.  Just like what I did to his sister, I have checked everything to cover up all the reasons why is he crying.  From being hungry to being cold, to not getting his sleep right.

Sheesh… I thought I will not be going through this stage again.  I just pray that this ‘routine’ won’t take as long as I know it would be.  Of course, I don’t want to see my baby crying especially with no reason of crying at all. 🙁

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Day-Out With Lola


Sunday is a family day and yesterday was the first time my baby Matti went out to a mall.  One far mall, I should say.

At first, I was hesitant that me and Matti will go out with them.  I am breastfeeding and I don’t have any idea whether the mall they wanted to stroll has a breastfeeding area just like in SM Muntinlupa.  But still hubby insisted that we come.

The family chose to stroll in Glorietta yesterday and I learned that they have a family lounge where I can freely breastfeed Matti whenever he asks for milk.  We stayed in the mall for more than six hours or so because we were waiting for Little Zoie and my sister-in-law with her guy friend as they watch Monsters, Inc. 2 in the mall’s cinema.

I say, it was really a long day, though tiring I had fun.  For a change, I got to go out and see the ‘outside world’ after being locked up in the house while taking care of two kids, a preschooler and an infant.  This has been a breath of fresh air, as they say.

Thank you for a much needed day out! ^_^