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Bonz’ Kitchen Escapade

It’s another birthday celebration in the family… my father just turned 61 today!


HBD Lolo King

Without any request, I gladly made a cake for my dear father and for the kids to blow the candles for their loving Lolo. It doesn’t need to have a big celebration just to say it’s your birthday. As long as you have a cake to blow, then eat, along with your family… then it’s your special day!


HBD Lolo02  HBD Lolo02
What cake did I make?

I tried a new recipe I found online, a crazy chocolate cake which doesn’t require eggs and milk. Not too expensive, right?

In one recipe, I made 2 6-inch chocolate cake which are very moist. Thankfully. Then I used my leftover blueberry flavor chocolate compound to make a blue chocolate ganache.  The ratio is 1:1 to make it pourable.

Blue Chocolate Ganache Pour

Finishing it with multi-colored non pareils for a little touch of birthday celebration.

Blue Chocolate Cake

Simple but I can I assure you the combination tastes good! My worst critic gave it a thumbs up sign… haha, my mother!

May God bless you with more healthy years and a good one too! We love you so!


My daughter is attending her school field trip this Saturday and hubby is coming with her as a chaperon.  Rather than packing junk foods for the trip, I decided to light up my oven and prepared all the ingredients needed to make a nice batch of chocolate chip cookies.  I have tried baking double chocolate chip cookies before, so now I’ll try chocolate chip cookies this time.

If I always want to try different baking recipes, I always copy and write it down in an index card and to be compiled in my recipe box.  I wrote this recipe and I’m afraid I didn’t take note the site where I got this recipe.  Well, I’ll try to search the web after this and link the original recipe where I got this from.

choco chip cookies batter


recipe box

This pic was taken months ago, but I just recently fixed the cover of this box because it is just glued together by a piece of paper on each part of the box’s body and cover. It’s just gave away easily… So, I gave a thought on how to fix it.

Actually in this post you can only see the file of recipes in it. I was unable to take a pic of the remedy I made for this box. What I did is, I bought a pair of small hinges perfect for the size of this small box and screw them myself. It wasn’t that hard.

Anyway, this post is all about compiling all good recipes which caught my eye whenever I surf the net for them.  So far, I am still bookmarking recipes and transferring them in my recipe box.  And I believe I’ll be buying another box any time soon and separate Project Sweets recipes from this one.  

What about you, where do you keep your tried and tested recipes to cook?  Have you been compiling them?